Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sometimes, certain things happen and not necessarily to you that causes you to reflect on life or maybe a bigger picture than your world. Socrates makes the comment in one of Plato's writtings that, "the unexamined life is not worth living." In the bible, dozens of scriptures are available that remind us to dwell on things that will last beyond this life. One scripture (which skips my mind right now) asks that we set our mind on heavenly things.

In this blog, I have touched on both heavenly and earthly things and I hope I have been able to protray the fact that whats above matters above all. Don't worry (as if this is an issue), I am not shutting down the blog or dying but just reflecting.

Anyway, I am reminded somehow daily, that nothing of this earth can satisfy long term; not money, spouse, food or even a ministry. It is only Christ, Jesus Christ that can give us living water that we will thirst no more. It is Him that I live for (or try to and want to). For those who do not believe in Him or know Him, I pray that He will using Christians like me or other available means show Himself to you. Trust me, it doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not, the outcome is the same. One day we will all die and after death comes judgement and what then will you tell the Creator; that you didn't know what to believe? What excuse will fly before the King of Kings? You might be thinking, "...well, God is a God of Love." Yes! He is. That is why He gave His only son to die in our place and if we spun the grace of God, why would we expect Him not to shun us in the day of judgement.

"Well, Ugo, I am a good person." Thats sounds great but even own righteousness is as a filthy rag before the eyes of God and the inate heart of a man is wicked and the wicked will not see God. I am a sinner full of unrighteousness and I have no business standing before God. I deserve to be crucified but Jesus already took the punishment asking that we believe Him.

Folks, the Truth will be the truth always even if you do not believe in it. Thats what makes it the Truth. God is alive and real even if you are an Atheist. In the end you will still have to stand before God and He will ask you why you spurned the grace of Christ and you will be speechless.

Lastly for those who believe they have time to change and want to enjoy this crooked and perverse generation, the bible says that tomorrow is not promised us. If you are out them and stumble upon this blog and want more answers, find a local church somewhere or find a true christian and ask your questions but don't wait before it is too late. In fact, if you want to know more right away, feel free to visit the website of Covenant Harvest Church. Actually you can go straight to this link, http://www.covenant-harvest.org/other_links/salvation_plan.php. If you want to accept Christ into your heart and make him Lord and Saviour, do it today before it is too late. If you would confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and accept him with your heart, eternal life can be yours. You can pray a prayer along those lines.

I appologize if my thoughts have been scathered. I hope that any Christian that reads this is encouraged and those who aren't believers who read it are curious at the very least to want to know more.


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andrea said...

I enjoy reading your blog periodically-it gives me a chance to catch up on your life a little.

It seems that our Christian lives can sometimes be a balance between living "in the joy of the Lord" and with the somberness that comes from knowing that the people all around us are spiritually dead and in desperate need of the Savior.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts-it's encouraging to watch you grow.

Ugo said...

Thanks for the encouragement An. Maybe being human has its perks where we can experience so many different emotions in one day (not that I am emotional or anything like that)