Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Researchers Pinpoint Brain's Sarcasm Sensor - Yahoo! News

Researchers Pinpoint Brain's Sarcasm Sensor - Yahoo! News

Ah, now I have something to blame for my heavy sacarsm. I was actually starting to think I truly was heartless but now I know that it is the DARK SIDE OF MY BRAIN. I guess the Darth Vader side if you will. Seriously, someday scientist are going to figure out that there is a part of the brain that makes some people stay in the bathroom longer than others. Okay, that was sarcastic. But before you know it, there will be a drug or surgery to be performed that gets rid of sarcarsm. Side effects are generally mild and may include loss of humor, loss of taste, gross boredom which may lead to random or occassional thoughts of suicide!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Giacomo and the Preakness

This particular post is pretty much for my own sake. As I mentioned earlier on, I am a Horse Racing fan (well almost exclusive to the Triple Crown). The Preakness is the second installment and who is going to win? Well the favourite is Afleet Alex, my pick to win the Kentucky Derby. He placed third. Today, based on instinct, I have to give Giacomo a chance and yes, I am going with. Why? If you watch last years Kentucky Derby when Smarty Jones won it, you will see that there are similarities between both horses in the way they won it. Granted Smarty Jones was not as long of a shot to win it then but in the Preakness, he smoked the field. I also like stories and I think this will be a great one. Anyway, my sentimental pick again is Noble Causeway.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Busy Again- Final notes on The Apprentice

I haven't posted much basically because I have started my new job and not taken the time to care about this silly blog.

Anyway, the season finale of The Apprentice was last night and as expected by most people not named Tana, Kendra won. They both deserved it. Tana lost the job on the last two tasks because she lost the charm and become overly aggressive in the quest to win. Up until those tasks, Tana acted like a star. Kendra on the other hand is also fit for the Job especially the particular one that she chose. I think Trump's comment on her crying was stupid even though I do not beleive in being emotional in business. I think he was just trying to find a weakness on the last task.

Well, it is on to Season 4 and the Martha spinoff which at this point I have no grave intention on following. My mind may change but it may not. Okay, back to work.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Last Day at work, Graduation and the Day after

Graduation was yesterday and I had a blast to say the least. The ceremony was long and boring as usual but I got some laughs about it especially by teasing my older brother who was also graduation albeit with a nursing degree. As he lined up to walk by, I keep yelling "nurseman" and asking if it was legal for him to now write prescriptions. The guys around me were enjoying the laughs. After graduation, my friends had a reception for us which was great to say the least. My parents were there and people who had been there for me throughout the whole thing.

Yesterday was also the last day of work for me at my present job. It was sad to leave but usually everything has an end. I promised those guys that I will be sure to keep in touch especially since I will be working in town. Thanks Eric, for the wonderful opportunity to work for the Alliance for Technology Commercialization and with the staff of the Business and Technology Institute.

Today, we went to Joplin with my Uncle and the MBA Director for more celebrations and went shopping for my parents. That was interesting. We went to a car dealership and feasted our eyes and then to JC Penny. At this point, I am tired and I need to relax. Later.

Friday, May 13, 2005

D-Day and guess what? I have a Job!

Folks, I have a job! Can't explain all the details because of time but more details as time goes on. No promises though.

It is the final day of my college career. I am tickled pink because it is finally here. Although now there is some sense of it being all anti-climatic. My parents and my younger brother met my new Boss today. We took a tour of all his companies in the area in his Hummer. Boy that is a nice car. I am happy for the grace of God on my life at this point. It has been overwhelming. To think that it was only six weeks ago that I decided to scrap my moving plans and take a step back. Now I am getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

Anyways, for the rest of the day, I will go take my final final at noon. It will suck because I haven't openned a single page of that class crap in a week and a half. After that, I will mosey on to my current office and pack up my stuff and get all the teary goodbyes over with. It is sad leaving those guys but I will see them every now and then. Folks, I should open my books about right now.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

1 Day to Go- Busy Day

One day to go peoples and I feel calm. Sort of like the calm before the storm. Who am I kidding? This is exciting stuff. Went to the airport last night to pick up my parents. I borrowed a friend's minivan and I really appreciate them letting me use it. However, I now realize even more than before that I was not made for those things because my back is killing me today. Anyway, all is well that ends well. Just realized that I use way too much cliches on this bad boy.

Today's schedule is full. Hold on...Gat a brief meeting.

...Okay, I am back. So, about today. I have a going away bash at work. Bash maybe overstating it but there is meat. Let me re-phrase, smoked brisket. Oh yeah. After that, I have several meetings and then probably hang out for a few minutes with my parents before I go do what I do every Thursday night, thats right- eat chinese take out and watch the Apprentice. We are now wondering what we will do every Thursday night after the season finale tonight. Well, we will go back in time and watch the first season till the next season starts.

After that tonight, I have a exam to study for tomorrow which I may or may not at this point. At worst, I get a B or a C in the class (more likely a B). Well, I have another meeting now. C ya.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

2 Days to Go

TWO DAYS TO GO AND I AM LOVING IT. Two exams down and one to go. The sad part is that the exam is on Friday but what the heck, maybe that is the way to go out. Two days to go also mean that I have only 2 days left to work here. Now that part is kinda sad because this is the first job that I have liked working at. I mean, I never had a case of the Mondays because of my Job. Don't get me wrong, there are times that I have not liked coming in and times that I have had bad days but never in any stretches. But hopefully, I move on to bigger and better things.

Today, I go to the airport to go pick up the rest of my family i.e. my parents and my sister. Hopefully we can get back before the sun goes down. The bad part is that I will hit KC during rush hour but I will give myself half an hour lead time. It usually takes me just under 2hrs to make it there (an unbelievable time for some).

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Countdown Begins- 3 days to Go

3 days to go before Graduation. Honestly, I am loving this moments as they float by. I will have to say that sometimes it has been anti-climatic where I feel sort of down about it. But it only takes about two seconds for my eyes and heart to perk up again realizing that this really is it. I hate to rub it in but I have friends that have years to go and I wish they could feel what I am feeling.

To be honest (again), I never believed that I would finish college yet alone get a Masters degree. And to do all these being around such wonderful people has been amazing. I am truly in awe of the way life has happened over the last 5 and half years. Truly amazing.

I am still not sure 100% what I will be doing next but God has been openning some doors over the last few weeks. He has really been shocking me. The Bible says, "No eyes have seen, no ears have hear and no mind can conceive what God has in store for us." I couldn't seen all these things coming. I guess we will continue to trust on the Lord and see how deep this Rabbit hole goes.

As for my graduation, tomorrow I go to pick up my Parents from the Airport in Kansas City. I have seena lot of that 69 highway (which leads from Pittsburg to KC) over the last couple of weeks. Many people ask if I am excited to see them and my answer is...eh, sure. I am but maybe not as thrilled because I was in London with them. Anways, 4 days to go and the rush of blood through my system is indescribable. Congratulations to the Class of 2005- Staying Alive in 2005.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

This is Sad- Dems Voted Out of Church Weigh Options - Yahoo! News

Dems Voted Out of Church Weigh Options - Yahoo! News

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. - A pastor who led a charge to kick out nine church members who refused to support President Bush was the talk of the town Saturday in this mountain hamlet, with ousted congregants considering hiring a lawyer.

Pastor Chan Chandler greeted people at the door of tiny East Waynesville Baptist Church on Saturday evening as the church choir practiced and even welcomed them to attend services Sunday morning — if there's room inside. But he was not prepared to talk about his mixing of religion and politics.

"On the advice of counsel, I've been advised not to have any comment at this time," Chandler told The Associated Press. "We will have a statement later."

Members of the congregation said Chandler told them during last year's presidential campaign that anyone who planned to vote for Democratic nominee John Kerry needed to leave the church.

It is pretty sad in the day and age when politics determine the way a church function. As a Christian, when I hear issues or news such as this, I am puzzled and upset. Why? Not that voting for John Kerry was wrong but what if it was? Is the solution to political difference in the church a reason to kick someone out? We can also ask the ultimate question, "what would Jesus do?"

I will continue to fight the stereotype that all Christians need to be Republicans or else they aren't Christian. Personally, I think that that feeling by many is boaderline anti-Christ because it causes seperation in the Church and in the Kingdom for those who beleive otherwise.

Weird News of the Week

Bold thieves build complete ATM - Yahoo! News

The Weird News of the year thus far is the story about the Runaway Bride and the Wendy's Chilli finger. However, during the high point of the news, I was busy with school and work stuff.

This week's weird news is wild. Romanian crooks are now building their own ATM machines complete except without cash. Thats just out of this world to me. If these guys are that smart, why don't they go get a job. Oh well, there you have it/

Friday, May 06, 2005

The 2005 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 131 2005 Derby Coverage Derby Contenders

Everyday, if you pay attention, you'll find new things about the people around you. One of the things that not many people know about me (including my close friends) is that I am a fan of Horse Racing and especially the sport's Triple Crown. My interest perked up through the movie "The Champ." It went dormant for a few years and perked back up in 2001 when Monarchos won the Kentucky Derby. Then in 2002, War Emblem won both the Derby and the Preakness only to lose at the Belmont Stakes. Since then the Horse that won the Derby has gone on to win the Preakness only to fall short at the Belmont Stakes; Funny Cide in 2003 and who can forget probably the best horse of my generation Smarty Jones. Smarty Jones reminded me of Seabiscuit (one of my favourite movies) except that he whipped other horses like they were mules only to lose by a nose at the Belmont Stakes. I was devastated. Well not really but I so badly wanted to see a Triple Crown winner.

This year, at 5-2 odds, the favourite to win the Derby is Bellamy Road owned by both Emperor of the Evil Empire, George Steinbrenner and his loyal subject Joe Torre. However my pick to win it all is no other than Afleet Alex at 9-2. My sentimental favourite is Noble Causeway because its jockey is my main man Gary Stevens. My dark horse to win it (and no, it is not a "dark horse") is Buzzard's Bay, winner of the Santa Anita Derby.

A common misconception is that anyone who is into Horse Racing bets it. Well, I guess I will be the exception to the rule. Folks enjoy the race.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Graduation Speech

Graduation Speech

I just mentioned in my previous post about graduating. I also talked about reality television and how people love the show because they can picture themselves as the Pseudo celebrities that are cast in the shows. Now that said, I sometimes feel like blogs also make us feel important like we have an audience even if no one reads them. That is why I am going to give my only graduation speech on here. Why? Well, I am not up for any awards that will let me give any speeches and I do love giving speeches. I will write this like I was giving a speech to an audience that includes everyone that knows me. In other words, if I was giving a speech before everyone I knew, I imagine it will go like this…

…Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all, I will like to thank you all for taking the time to be here today. Before I go any further, I will like to thank the most important person in my life but I was advised by Chris Rock before the Oscars not to because the BIG GUY is busy taking care of other more important things than my graduation like the Tsunami relief. However, He knows how much He means to me and for that I owe Him my life, literally.

I have been a part of Pittsburg State University (PSU), home of the Gorillas for the better part of the last 5 1/2 years. I have also been a part of Pittsburg, Ks. Both these communities have played a major role in my success as an individual. However, the most significant institutions in my life in those years have been members of my two families; The Church and my natural family. I would like to thank my parents for everything. You guys supported me financially, spiritually and emotionally the whole way through. You believed in me when I did not even believe in myself. You always thought me to work hard when I only wanted to work smart and wing the rest. I know you have had many sleepless nights on my behalf and for that I am eternally grateful.

I also want to thank all the guys that I have lived with through the years. You guys have no idea what you each mean to me in small but very significant ways. However some of you stand out more than others.

Nathan Arnold, while it is sad that you took a different path spiritually, I want to thank you for the Godly impact you made in my life. Your passion at the time was unmatched by anyone that I ever met up to that point. My prayer is that like Nebuchadnezzar, before your life comes to an end, you will repent and come back to the Christ who saved you.

Obi, thanks for blazing the path that your younger brothers now follow. It was really tough for our relationships for the first few years but I know that God has worked out a lot of the kinks.

Scott, it is great to see that the man of God that I lived with for two years is now a father of two boys. Your sons are going to prophesy just like you and will shake their generation like you will shake ours. Your passion has inspired me through the years to love and serve Christ

Justin, we will always be brothers true and true. We have battled together and against each other since the beginning but I have no doubt about the call of God on your life. Your service for your country in Iraq is only a preview to what you are going to do for the Kingdom. When you get back, we will war again.

Josh, we have been to 28 States together and someday we will build 28 churches together all over the globe. How? Not sure yet. Congratulations on your inevitable wedding to Jen. Oh, one more thing. What did we do in Vegas? My mind is still blank. I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

LeBron, sorry, Ryan, what can I say? You are the whole package and our friendship has stood the test of diversity, different cultures and even far different personalities but since you have been here, you have been there when I needed a friend. I only hope that I can replicate what you have done for me. When I decide to build my house, you will be my foreman.

DHart, thanks for being one of the guys that continues to push me forward everyday. You are proof that a friend in need is a friend in deed. Andrea, you were there in the early days and I thank you for everything you did for me. Amber, Ellen, Sarah B. and Amy Paterni, you guys are proof that I am not that bad a guy once you get to know me and I am happy for that.

Kreighbaum’s, Travis’s, Lotterer’s, Sim's, Trinkle's, Angeles', Sterrett’s and of course the Hartman’s, I am not sure where I would be without you guys. Well, I am sure I would weigh a lot less than I do today. But serious, you all have been parents to me and Doug, your vision inspires me to want to build my life everyday around the kingdom.

Ames, you probably thought I’d consider skipping you because of all we’ve been through. Au Contraire! I don’t know how it all started or where it will end but I do know that you have added a lot of drama to my life over the last few years and I am sure you can say ditto to that. But, I look forward to more drama with you. You are truly special and always will be. You have the soul of a warrior and you have challenged every fiber in my being to fight for what I believe in. I hope in turn I can help mold you into who you are meant to be. I am still going to beat you to Italy. So many places to see there; Milan, Rome, Venice and the list goes on. If you want to come…

The rest of you whose names I did not mention, you guys have been awesome. Cordell, Kerry, Chichi (Ben to you Americans), Nene, Mekus, Debbie, and all my teachers over the years, thank you. I can go on forever. As I look into the crowd of you all and make eye contact with you, please understand that I do not skip any of you in my heart but this is already a heck of a long speech.

In conclusion, as I move on to the next phase of my life, I am sure that you guys will all be there for me and I will for you too. I have nothing but love for y'all. I owe you all the last five years of my life and hopefully many more. And as for what I am going to do next, I don’t know. Serve God for sure and hopefully travel the world.

Reality TV

Reality TV

One of the most popular T.V. genres today is what we refer to as Reality T.V. Perhaps the entire world especially the westernized world seems to be captivated by this phenomenon. I am sure there are many reasons to the fact with each individual having their own specific reason for indulging themselves in Reality T.V. However, I would like to highlight one reason as maybe the over-riding one.

Unlike Hollywood (or Bollywood if you live Indian movies) where highly paid actors and actresses are paid millions to take on a new identity and perform, reality television resonates with everyday people more so because, the cast of the shows are…everyday people or so they make you believe. At least, most of them use their real names and share more (or are made to share more) of their personal lives on the set than do actors and actresses. Now for those into reality television, certain shows appeal to them and for the most part the shows that they watch are one that they can identify with on one or more levels.

For example, I am into “The Apprentice” not because of Trump but because I am interested in the business side of the show. I am currently about to graduate with an MBA and Business is kind of my forte. Until the show, I had never had any interest in any other show. I can’t relate to Survivor even though I am from Africa and I have seen my fair share of “uncivilized living.” I can’t relate to American Idol because my voice at best gets lost in the shower or disguised when singing in the church choir. Can’t relate to the American Model for obvious reasons nor do I have a family that qualifies me for any of the family oriented reality shows. So basically, that leaves me with The Apprentice.

What every shows resonates with us or that doesn’t resonate with us, the overlying reason that we watch the shows are because we can sometimes imagine ourselves or someone we know in whatever shows we watch.