Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Til' I blog again, Good night and Good luck

I promised one more post and here it goes...It is a chilling 19 degrees outside this morning and that is blitering cold to me. Thats the bad news. The good news is that in about 48 hours, it will be a nice, warm, cozy, steamy, hot 90 degrees with no chance of precipitation. Sounds like heaven to me especially at this time of the year. Okay Minnesotans, I won't rub it in...who am I kidding, of course I will. I am sure you guys are in single digits. Okay, thats enough of that.

Gonna be gone just one week and yet I still had to pack three suitcases (two check in and a carry on not including my laptopp). Anyone wanna guess why? Simple, my Mother. She wants me to buy some stuff for here and usually it takes it own suitcase because it is that much.

This should be an exciting trip. My boss joins me on Sunday and that ought to be interesting but we will see. This does begin a stretch of 20 days were I will be gone more than I will be in town and consequently in 4 countries over that stretch of time.

United States
Great Britain

My connecting flight is in Great Britain but I have a visa to go there so I might take the liberty and browse my favourite city for an hour or so. What else? I think thats about it for all I have to say. Guys be good. I might not be good at showing it but I love you all. I should be back next week if the Lord wills and if you are lucky, I will be able to blog maybe once but I doubt it. Sarah...I have a confession...Okay its hold, I get it.

Oh, before I forget, remember to tip your waitresses.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This and That

As some of you know, I leave tomorrow for Nigeria again and I will be gone for at least a week on business. That means that after tomorrow morning, I blog no more until I come back unless I am insanely lucky. I know that it is sad but I am sure you can all use the 3 mins a day you spend on the blog doing some more important in your life. Try not to bash me when I gone because I know you will miss me and if you do, the feeling is mutual. Not to other thoughts...

I have written anything of significance in a long time now. It seems that my quasi-writer's bloc lasts longer and longer each time around. I maybe getting too busy or too lazy or maybe it is because I don't take my computer home anymore. Maybe I just need to make a consious effort to do something about it or maybe my writing days are over save the book at least for now.

Christmas is of course around the corner. As you all know, this country is famous for the commercialization of Christmas. I am not going to go off on the subject but it is just sad that this time of the year also tends to be the most depressing because people start measuring themselves to others around them only to come up short. The problem is that when we measure ourselves to others, it tends to be things on the exterior that we focus on. We focus on things that are perishable, that are purchased, that we or they wear or have. Truth be told that while we all somewhere inside know that it is the wrong perspective to have, we end up falling victim to it time and time again. No magic formula here to solve it except to love God with a passion and remember that Jesus is the reason, the only reason for this season and pretty much all seasons. If I have everything and have not love, I have nothing. God is love and if I have that, I have everything that I can ever need. I know this sounds a little preachy but the reality is that it is true.

I am sure I will talk about something later before I leave tomorrow so stay tunned.

Monday, November 28, 2005

You can buy IT on eBay!

Okay, there is not a creative bone in my body and chances are that if I have done anything creative, it was either someone else's idea or pure luck. That said, I know when I see something creative because it usually makes me go wow.

I am sure you guys have seen the "IT" commercials by eBay. Is it me or is that idea simply just genius. A thought so simple but when put into action so profoundly makes even a cynic go, "now thats creative" and leaves competitors going, "why didn't I think of that?" Well, because you are thinking too hard. One mark of a genius is that the simplify what needs to be simple and that what that ad agency or eBay themselves did in this ad campaign.

The Ad ends with, "Whatever "IT" is, you can find it on eBay."

And if you think it is a great should see it in High Def. Hello? Okay, my bad. Don't mean to keep talking about the TV but I can't help it sometimes. I know, I know, it will grow old.

More ramblings coming up later.

Unbelievable Definition

Watching TV in High Def blows me away. This will probably be the last time I talk about my big blank TV. It is just crazy. The only thing I can compare it to occurred when I was a kid. Some of you don't know this but I have terrible eye sight. I mean absolutely horrific eyesight. Those of you who are shorted sighted understand when I say I am a -6.5 on both eyes. When I started using glasses at eight, I was at -3.5. My eye sight became almost twice as worse in 8 years. That was until I started using contacts. Anyway, that was a mild rabbit trail. Before I started using glasses (pre-High Def), everything seemed like one big blur. I did not know that leaves had definition. I sat in front of the TV and my parents thought it was my favourite spot. I did not know that you could see the circle of the moon even if it wasn't full. I thought that everyone's eyes were like that. Then I put on my new pair of glasses (High Def), it was a miracle. It was like an epiphany. Those of you with 20-20 vision will never understand the change.

Exact same thing with High Def. This is how bad it was. In the afternoon, there were two games on TV, one in High Def and the other regular. The Rams were playing the Texans and the Chiefs, the Patriots. Now those of you who know me well know that I hate the Chiefs and because of their success dislike the Pats (though I respect them). You who know me also know that I love the Rams but yesterday, it was the Pats Chiefs game on HD and I apologize to my beloved Rams that I was victimized by HD. I will say that I did catch the end of the amazing comeback beginning from the onside kick till the end of over time when Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard Grad and smartest guy in the NFL throw a TD pass to Kevin Curtis for the win. I guess that is what we call a win-win situation.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are back to doing what you, work...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Been a While...

Sorry guys, its been a while since I posted anything. This crazy thing I live called life. No news really to report other than my alma mater is out of the Divsion II football playoffs and I am getting ready to leave the country again on another business assignment.

Thanksgiving went well. I ate a lot just like 99% of people in the country. The 1% left are babies under age 10 days. With holidays like Thanksgiving, it is no wonder 50% of Americans are considered overweight. Easy, no punches. I am overweight myself according to all the charts that I see around.

Lastest on my book...nothing. I haven't found the strength to begin writting. Mostly because I am inexperienced and I am not sure where to begin. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I will allow you guys that pay any sort of attention to this blog to have a say in the writting. I will tell you have later when I am ready. Well, it is 4 mins to the top of the hour and I will sign off at this point. Boys and Girls, don't forget once again to tip your bar tenders and waitresses.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Book Idea: Bad news

Well, guys, I promised to talk about the book idea that I might sometime in the near future begin working on. I wanted to but I have been told by my lawyers that the idea is too good to post on a blog because someone might steal it. I am deeply sorry about that. If any of you that I know are in town and want to know what the story line (outline anyway) is all about, I will be more than happy to tell you. I think it would be a very good one if I was focused enough to devote a couple of months to it. I might start working on it on my next trip.

High Def stories to come.

Friday, November 18, 2005

IT HAS ARRIVED!!! It is DEF-inately Huge

IT HAS COME!!! Oh come on, get excited with me for only one second. But after 5 weeks of waiting, the 42" Phillips HDTV Flat Screen has finally arrived and I guess you can say that I am mildly excited. Actually a little more than mildly to be honest but I am sure it will wear out. Anyway, I know I am supposed to talk about a great book idea but that will have to wait for a little bit.

More on the TV; It is bigger than I thought it would be like. I was carrying it from the FedEx truck thinking I was going to drop it or something. I guess whats left is the DirecTV installation and we would be cooking with gas. The cool thing is that it arrived in time to catch the Pittsburg State game tomorrow on TV. I will be a little late watching the game because I have to run my sister to the airport. Oh well, I have to get back to work then. Next (unless any other unforseen circumstances arise), I will talk about a book idea that I have that is so un-Hollywood like, it will blow your mind away. Maybe not.

High D-Day

I will suspend my "Book Writing" post for a little bit to you know talk about D-Day for High Def. It is supposed to arrive via FedEx this morning anytime between 8 and 12noon. I will be leaving work as soon as it arrives to go greet it. Yes I am devoted to my work but it is not everyday that a TV of that insaness (if that is a word) walks through my doors.

Well...thats that for now and baring any unforseen (or maybe forseen) circumstances, book writing coming up next.

PS: I will try to take a picture of the TV and post it here.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Twas the night before High Definition

You know, I am really glad this thing will be in here tomorrow so that I can quit the cheesy lines in counting down. I am sure all (six) of you who may stumble on this do not really give a rats hind parts about a stupid 42" TV. You know, I might just give it away. Wooo, hold on...lets not get carried away here.

There is one problem with the TV so far. A while ago, I thought about it but did not worry too much because it wasn't coming yet. But now it will be here tomorrow. The problem is...I am not sure where to put it. I need suggestions please. That is if anyone cares enough.

What else is going on? It is bitterly cold outside which makes me look forward even more to spending 5 days in 90+ weather. It will be a rude awakening when I get back. Its sort of like leaving a hot sweaty shower to go to a room with the A/C on in the winter. Bad analogy but remember...I am only human. Book writing coming up next.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2 Days to Go

I know this is silly but I needed a title for this post. I guess my silly TV (if 42 inches of High Definition is silly to you too) should be coming in Friday like I said. Oh, by the way (because I haven't mentioned this yet), I will be leaving the country for the third time this year to Nigeria for the second time this year at the end of the month. I know, I just got back but oh well, more work needs done. What else is new?

Well, here is a topic I consider a little hilarious. You know how celebrities, politicians and athletes always have press conferences? You know like if thier toe nail is broken and they can't play on Sunday or other misreable excuses to have a press conference. Won't it be funny if regular Joes, Janes and Peters (in my case, Ugos) like us had press conferences every now and then. "Oh, I said something that hurt my wife's feelings. Time for a press conference to appologize." Then I would sit down and read a statement using words like "inappropriate," "taken out of context," "convoluded," and finish with, "Once again honey, I am sorry if I said anything that MAY have hurt you. I hope to be back on the playing field (dinner table and bedroom as opposed to No dinner and Couch) tonight. Please accept my sincerest appologies."

Okay maybe that sounds all far fetched but it is pretty funny to me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Countdown to High Definition

I know most of you don't care about this unless you live in my house or in close proximity to it but I still have to update you. I got a call this morning and apparently, my TV will be delivered this Friday (yes, this Friday) via FedEx. So that gives me basically, three days to wait. I can do that. I have to admit, I never gave hope on the TV even though several people did come up to me asking if it was a hoax. Well, the source is so reputable. It wasn't some kinda internet company. We are dealing with ESPN, the world wide leader in sports. Anyhow, that is that. Just an update. I will keep y'all posted.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Loyalty and Commitment vs. Great (Nice) Guy

Pardon the issue of conversation but I almost have to talk about this. Almost. Most of you who read this blog (all 3 of you, thanks, I love you all) know me to some extent. Some definately more than other. You also know that I have many problems. Perhaps the most glaring is the fact that I am not typically what people would consider a nice guy (for the most part). Why does this matter? Well, I want to defend the defenseless; guys that have no sensitive (or perceived) bone anywhere around them. You know the guy that can't seem to say anything right. The controversial that offends to many people. Yeah, I am sure you will say that is all one person and you are right, it is.

But somewhere, in the mist of everything, many people don't give those guys a chance to get to know them. I would be the first to admit that I judge a lot of people by thier cover and many people have shocked me by who they really are once I get to know them. Some people that I lived with were gone 2 or 3 years before I began to respect them for who they are. If you look around, most of those guys that have weaknesses in the sensitive areas are often the most loyal and commited friends you can ever have. For all of you that I have treated unfavourably and came to figure out who you really were, I am truly sorry for judging you.

Many of you will become great parents who are so commited and do what you have to w/o regards to negative perceptions about you. My father is a great example. My Dad was never the most sensitive person I knew or the most "loving." From when I grew up till just a few weeks ago, I never believed my father had a tear duct anywhere in his body. But, my father sacrificed a lot for all his kids and his relatives. My dad worked a lot so that his kids can have what he never had, a College Education. Now he has 3 kids that have college degrees and one more on the way. My father has given more of his time and financial resources even to people that have wronged. My father has been loyal and commited all his life. Sure we hardly hug or tell stories about dancing in the moonlight, but he is the kind of guy that when your life is on the line, you can call him and say "I need help" and he will be there before you can say "Hey, nice guy."

A friend of mine with an equal experience told me about his own story. He dad wasn't the most successful guy and during a formative period of the lives of his kids, he had to take a second job bringing his working hours every week to over 80. That he did for 6 years. On his death bed, my friend asked him, "Where you fulfiled in all that you tried to accomplish in those 6 years." Looking puzzled, he answer was, "What? Fulfilled? I did what I had to do."

I am sure a person can be both commited and nice and I ain't making excuses for anyone. Many of these guys try throughout thier life time to change people's perceptions but in case they never quite get there before they die, at least on thier dying beds, they can say, "I did all that was needed to be done. I did what I had to."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Trip to Raleigh, NC

I know it has been a while since I have been on again. Been gone...again. This time for a Leadership conference in Raleigh, NC. To spare you guys the details, it went really well. I beleive there was a lot of revelation given and for me a lot of affirmation of my convictions. I had mentioned earlier that I felt an erosion somewhere. I know that part of the somewhere was inside of me. Well, I got to spend a lot of time in the presense of God and also in the presence of a lot of seasoned men who know God. It was refreshing. I guess thats my vacation.

It does look like I will be gone again at the end of the month. I am sure I mentioned it but oh well...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One more bad picture of Abuja. Love the City. Wish there was a beach there but it is landlocked. Won't mind living there someday for a short period of time. Posted by Picasa

National Mosque in Abuja. Quite an interesting Structure. Posted by Picasa

My Aunt and Fav cousins from my Mom's side. Picture sucks, I know, my bad! Posted by Picasa

My fav Cousin, Emeka and I Posted by Picasa

I know...I look like some Oil Mogul Posted by Picasa

City of Abuja with Aso Rock in the Background. Very unlike Lagos. Posted by Picasa

Promised to Post some pictures from my trip, so here we go... Posted by Picasa

Hard to believe

Its had to believe but the magical month of October is over. It did have it shares of extreme ups and downs but it was nonetheless special as usual. Now the cold is about to settle in and (sign) we all have to wear more layers. I have been quite busy since I got back. My sleep schedule is still way off and the fact that we switched back from Daylight Savings time doesn't help matters much. It has actually worked out a little well because when it is 5pm here, it is midnight in Nigeria so I am too tired to watch TV when I get home and I fight sleep for 3 or 4 hours and I am in bed by 10.30 or 11.00pm. Then I get up so ealry like 3.30am this morning and lay in bed till about 4.30 before I hit the gym.

Thats that. There are things that have been bugging me since I got back. Most of them is with myself. I feel extremely out of it. I feel an erosion of our generation. All of a sudden things that were not okay before are sort of normal now. That really buggs me especially when I am refering to myself. I find myself having to talk to me several times in the day to pull me back. I know I am rambling but I feel an erosion amongst my peeps. Maybe it is just perception and not reality. Maybe I just need more sleep. Arh, maybe I just need to get back to work.