Thursday, December 29, 2005

Book Update

Before I go into the topic that led to the title, I will talk a bit of what has been going on in the point of view that is. In order word, I just want to talk like I always seem to do. Christmas was good. Spent it with friends and family and sometimes they are one and the same thing. My cousin who lived with us for a while growing who is more like a sister came to visit us for the first time. It was her first time out of the NY/NJ area and boy did Pittsburg, KS look like the moon to her. She is back in her corner of the world and apparently doing fine.

This week at work has been relatively relaxed but it is more like the calm before the storm. My world is about to get busier and my boss basically said to me today, do well and you can renegotiate your contract, flop and you are out of the door. Not like there is any pressure here or anything but oh well. Weather has been nice and I mean between the 50's and high 60's and no I am not kidding. But most of it was spent indoors and I know I missed a golfing opportunity this week. I do have the day off tomorrow to make ammends should the weather hold up.

Now to the book. I have in my opinion anyway done the outline but for some reason, I am getting less and less optimistic about how the book will turn out. I guess my goal really is to just get published and maybe sell 100 copies mostly to friends and family. My goal is to be done with the book by the end of the summer and 3 people so far have soft committed to help me write it.

What else...well, like I mentioned, next week Friday will be this blog's one year anniversary. Might not be a big deal to anyone but it kinda is to me because I never thought that I would keep it up. Sure I diverted away from News commentary and moved to more of my personal life but hey, I had to go with what the people wanted.

Finally if I do not get the opportunity to write to you guys one more time before the year runs out, I want wish all of you a tremendous year ahead and God Bless you. If you don't know Christ, find someone who does and ask them to introduce Him to you. Make Knowing Him your New Year's Resolution. If you know Him and don't have a church you call your, make that you New Year's Resolution and stick to it like white on rice. It would be the best decision you make all year and possibly for rest of your life.

Next time I come to you, I will maybe post "Predictions sure to go wrong for 2006" both on a personal level and one a National or perhaps entertaining level.

So long good fellas.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone

Folks, it has been a while. I just want to take this opportunity to look back at this year and also say Merry Christmas to everyone that reads or has at any point in the last year peaked at this blog. I am pretty sure that my life is not as exciting as some of you but wow, it has been quite a year so far. Funny thing is that day by day based on the struggles that we go through or that I go through anyway, it is tough to see the hand of God working. But take a step back and review and those of you who know Christ can see that God has been awesome, wonderful and spectacular to say the least. I am in no way speaking about material things although Christ says in the bible that you should seek him first and everything else will be added unto you.

FYI: This blog will be a year old on January 6th which I believe is a Friday.

Anyway, several highlights of my person life this year

-Made a questionable decision to consider going to get a Ph.D
-Went to London in March for Spring Break which was Awesome
-Obeyed God and made the decision to cancel all plans after graduation that included me leaving town
-Was a mess after that but God showed up
-Graduated graduate school with a Master in Business Administration and a Concerntration in Accounting from Pittsburg State University (Friday May 13)
-Brother (Obi) graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing
-Got a job in town (a mighty fine job might I add); Like I said, God showed up
-Obi got a job too
-Added to more states to my collection of states been in (Total of 32 now)
-Purchased my favourite car (not as big a deal but certainly a highlight)
-Became a home owner with my brother (Scary stuff)
-Close friend, Ryan got married- was the BEST MAN
-Close friend, Josh got married- was a Grooms Man
-Won a 42" Phillips HDTV with DirecTV HD Service for a year
-Made 2 trips to Nigeria on Business
-Friend and Golf buddy Justin, made it back from Iraq safe and sound
-Continued in my quest to help build the church while doing all of this

So, see, not the most exciting life but thrilling enough. I am sure next year has its own trials and victories and possibily its own defeats. But in all things give thanks to God. And to all my friends and family that have supported me through this year, Thank You and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Its the most Wonderful time of the Year...Or is it?

You've all heard the songs and maybe even hummed to the tune. But whatever it is, whoever sang that song was probably under the influence of something. I don't mean to be Scrooge-like but the only and I mean ONLY reason why this can be the most wonderful time of the year is if we recognize Christ as Lord and Saviour because otherwise, it is the most Nightmarish time of the year. I mean think about it...doesn't it feel like you work and save money all through the year to blow it over Christmas and then some? Then you spend the first half of the year trying to payoff the balance on your Credit Card as a result of all the spending and overspending.

Oh and it gets better. It is cold outside and heating bills are going up and so is your weight because you spend more time eating especially since all the food taste so good now. When the year turns around, we have to start making Resolutions to loose weight and thus the YMCA becomes so congested.

Christmas day then becomes like a beauty pagent because every relative is trying to one-up the other on whose year has been better or sometime we begin to compete on who has had the suckier year. Thats the season for you if you don't know Christ. Presents? You get presents on Christmas? Oh yeah, thats right you do. Which ones? The ones that may not fit you or the ones that are fun to store in the garage or the basement? Oh, those one who become re-gifted perhaps the next year? Yeah, you get gifts.

Ok enough of my soapbox. I guess I am just saying all this because I am getting broker and broker by the second and I don't like the commercial Christmas. Nope, I don't have problems buying gifts for people but it is just that everything around you makes it up about commerce and there is so much to it that people (even Christians) often over look.

I thank God that sent his son down to die for us. I thank him because that is the greatest Christmas anyone can ever ask for and receive. Yes, the gift of Salvation...the only gift that keeps on giving. Its the only gift that doesn't get judged by the size or commercial value. It is the only gift that lasts till the next Christmas and beyond. It is also the only gift you can take with you to your grave.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nigerian Airlines Grounded After Crashes - Yahoo! News

Nigerian Airlines Grounded After Crashes - Yahoo! News

I debated talking about this because it happened so close to me in a way and also because I am not fond of talking about bad news. Last weekend, a there was a plane crash in my home country. There were approximatly 110 aboard including about 70 children. There was only one survivor. Basically the news saddened my heart all week. This is the third plan clash in the country in the last 2 months. The first happened while I was there in October. All 117 people on board died. While the news is gravely distressing, it has hightened awareness for the need a stronger regulated aviation industry in Nigeria. The President has stepped up and is actually rather actively in trying to make sure that the maintenance standards are on par with that of other western countries.

For more details on this news, feel free to visit the news link above.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One more picture of Ayo and I. Hard to beleive that I have known this guy for over 12 years and we did not grow up together. Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of my office. It is bland and tasteless but that is okay. Oh, FYI, I am moving offices over Christmas. I was told yesterday.  Posted by Picasa

Here is the TV all by its lonesome. Posted by Picasa

Here is the 42" TV that I won for those of you who doubt. Remember, good things happen to those who beleive (or so they say).. Posted by Picasa

Nelson, Ugo and C.J. These are my buddies from Raleigh, NC. These guys are awesome men of God. Now I don't look so much bigger than them. Posted by Picasa

Here is my Aunt Stella and I. Aunty Chichi (as she is foundly called) practically raised me up. She is my mom's youngest sister. I look huge compared to here. Posted by Picasa

I have just a few pictures from this most recent trip to Nigeria. Here is Ayo and I. Ayo and I were closest friends in boarding school and have remained close friends inspite of the distance. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mexico Plans Canceled? Yes, for me, it is

Yes, the rumors are right (this time anyway). I will not be making it to my fourth home, Mexico this year. Why? One word, work. I am disppointed in a way and okay with it in another way. I am disappointed because I have looked forward to this trip all year long but I found out on Friday from two people at work whose words weigh the heaviest that we have a bunch of stuff to do particularly on one project which I consider my baby.

I am okay with it because I have been globe trotting for the last couple of months and this could be a welcome rest for me. Hopefully next year, I will be able to make it south. I appologize to all those who were at the very least okay that I was going there. I am sure you won't have as much fun without me but I can also say that I won't have as much fun without you either.

Narnia and Syriana

As I mentioned here in previously, the last movie I went to see at the Cinema or movie theater if you will was Fantastic Four and I thought it was such a dud that I decided not to see another for a while. A while came to an end this past weekend when I saw Chronicles of Narnia's Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as well as Syriana, the top two grossing movies of the weekend.

One movie (Narnia) was simple and straight to the point and did not stray hardly from the book. It was really almost like reading the book but what impressed me were the graphics. I will say that I wished it would have a been a PG-13 movie so that the battle scene's could have been more graphic. Nonetheless, it was not the greatest movie I have seen but it did not disappoint either. Not a bad way to come back to movie viewing.

On the contrary (or slightly that way anyway), I saw Syriana last night and it left me hurting. I think I understood what the movie was trying to do but have you ever seen a movie that just had too many storylines developing and too much information? Yep, this was one of those. I left hurting (my brain that is, which I guess doesn't say much about my brain power). I think I have to watch it again when it comes out on video. At this point, there are no plans to make it to the movies again anytime soon.

Up Next: Mexico Plans Cancelled?

Friday, December 09, 2005

An Interesting Movie

Up until this trip, I hadn't been to the theatre since the disaster that was Fantastic Four. I hadn't seen much of any move really. Over the weekend, I plan to break that streak and see two movie. Narnia of course and Syriana with George Clooney.

I did watch several movies on the flights to and fro. Some wasted my life, others were a little too much to handle. I enjoyed Cinderella Man and Mr. and Mrs. Smith again. Skeleton Key was a big mistake. Four Brothers was probably not the most wholesome and Dukes of Hazzard was too shallow.

There was however one movie I saw which I won't give up the name because it would ruin my reputation as a tough nose kinda guy. You all know that I am not sensitive and everyone who knows me would be suprised that I watched the movie yet alone enjoyed it. Anyway, although I refuse to use the word cute in my vocabulary because it is so misused, I would say this was an enjoyable cute movie. Don't worry, it was also an Independent film and thus hard to trace.

Basically it was about a little boy who lived in a certain big city. Anyway, that is all I am going to give away. But the movie did teach me a thing or two about relationships.

Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future

You all know how I love unique statements or quotes. This is one that caught my attention during my trip back to the United States. Yes, I am back again. I made it there safely and back. The whole time I was in Nigeria, it was about 90 degrees. I knew it would be cold when I got back but it was a rude awakening when it was 7 degrees with 8 inches of snow on the ground.

As if that wasn't enough, I couldn't find my car in the parking lot of the airport. It took me about 45 mins before I could find the car and then get the snow off it in order to drive home. Yikes, I hate snow.

My trip went very well. It was the quickest trip I have ever made home. I did recover an item that I lost on my last trip so that was good. I tipped a lot of people because I spent a couple of days in a Hotel in Abuja. I took a few pictures because I had some shots left over from my last trip. I spent some time with my family which was nice. I also began working on my book. I hope it is good but I have a weird idea that it be more work and time than I have. So, I am going to try to meet with a Literature professor or teacher to help guide me.

The trip was not without it grave disappointments. I won't go into details but basically I missed my flight leaving on Wednesday and flew to Chicago instead so I can catch a flight out the same night. I missed that flight and ended up leaving on Thursday night instead.

As some of you know, my boss came as well on the trip. I think he had a good enough time business wise and I know that we will probably be going back again around the first quarter of next year.

Guys it is good to be back.