Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Weird News of the Week - Man Takes Out Ad to Win Wife Back

Yahoo! News - Man Takes Out Ad to Win Wife Back

From now on, I will start to post a weird news of the week column since wacky news always interest me. I may even post more than one if need be. For this week, we are talking about a man who places a $17,000 ad in the paper. My opinion is simple. Why didn't he buy a $17,000 rock? Maybe this is what rocks her boat. Interesting though. Hoepfully he didn't have to mortgage his house.

Monday, January 24, 2005

World Peace…or World Tease

I woke up one Saturday afternoon after a refreshing hour-long nap. As I prepared to go shoot hoops with my friends at the local YMCA, I decided to turn on the T.V. and catch the headlines of the 5.00pm news. “Our top story…,” the reporter started, “…there are reports out of Iraq that the war is completely over and all insurgents are laying down their weapons.” While I was still trying to contain this new development, the reporter continued, “In other news, the war between Chechnya and Russia is over and the battle between Sudanese rebels and their government has come to a complete halt.” Stunned, I quickly flipped the station to confirm these recent developments and on the next station and what I saw was even more shocking. There was a huge crowd in the streets of New York City of people of all different races and nations celebrating something. Suddenly, I heard a blaring noise from the radio and it was my alarm clocking going off.

As a child growing up in a city known for its violence, I am sure there were times I wondered or should have at least wondered what the world will be like with total peace and harmony. No murders, violence, hate crimes, divorces, cheating, stealing, judgments or sin. Sounds like a utopia, a perfect world. But is asking for world peace really too much to ask for? After all, the bible does promise us world peace. While announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds in Luke 2, a multitude (or as we put it, a bunch) of angels praised God saying, “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth, peace and goodwill towards mankind.” That declaration of peace must have stunned those shepherds. They had grown up in a time that saw a lot of kingdoms including their fall violently to the Romans. A state of peace and goodwill towards mankind would have meant the end of all bloodshed.

In the world today, there are several groups of people and organizations who have devoted themselves to the promotion of World Peace. November 17 has even been declared, World Peace Day. Type the phrase “World Peace” in Google and you get back over 18 million web pages that have some reference to the concept. Presidents and world leaders have sworn to promote peace around the world using their influence and authority and yet with all these emphasis on supporting this concept, to a majority of people, situations continue to get worse and worse. Turn on the nightly news and it doesn’t take long to figure out that we as humans have failed to reach that goal.

Believe it or not, there was a time in history where there was genuine world peace. There was peace in the world when Adam and Eve were created and served God with all their mind, soul and strength. Peace existed in the world before selfishness and the quest to be like God led to their disobedience. From then on, the world has been anything but peaceful. Paul in writing to the church in Rome tells them that it was by Adam’s disobedience that we were all made sinners. So what about that promise those “Bethlehem” angels made on behalf of God? That promise still stands. In that same letter to the Romans, Paul also reminded them that by Jesus obeying God to die for our sins we are made righteous.

Peace comes only through righteousness and righteousness only through Christ and thus Peace only through Christ. Just before the promise of peace to all mankind by those “Bethlehem” angels, there was a condition. That’s right, the fine print. “For there is born to you this day in the city of David is a savior who is Christ the Lord.” Until Christ becomes Lord and savior in every life, the quest of any organization or individual to attain world peace will remain futile. The bottom line is that Christ is the solution for peace and any other prescription for world peace is really nothing but a world tease.

The Truth comes out - Reporter fired for Yahoo baby hoax - Jan 24, 2005

Not that it won't be long before this becomes fact, word is now that the Yahoo baby name report was false. the reporter who made up the story enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame and is now looking for a job. I say what needs to happen is that Yahoo hires this guy to recruit parents to name their kids Yahoo as opposed to Google or Jeeves.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A little bit on the late M.L. King, Jr

I know it is pretty late and I should get some sleep but I felt moved to write something about the late Martin Luther King, Jr. M.L. as he was referred to growing up did something remarkable during his lifetime. He was a reformer refusing to comform to the condition of this country and for that he lost his life.

We have heard it all before; all the cliches about being all we can be. Even the U.S. Army uses it to recruit people to join them. While, not a bad phrase, my fear is that a lot of the its meaning has been lost its commercialization. The truth is that there is so much responsibility involved in being all that we can be. There is a lot of commitment required and a lot of sacrifices to be made as a result. The truth is that we fear becoming all that we can be. The thought of doing something out of the ordinary scares most of us and that is why the world is in the shape that it is in.

Christians including me are not quite willing to go the distance preaching the gospel all the time and as much as we still feel the need to, it is much easier to blend in with the crowd than to stand out. M.L. was a man whose calling was much greater than he was and the Caller even greater than the call. He fulfiled his calling to the best of his ability and paid the ultimate sacrifice. He reminds me of the ultimate caller Jesus Christ who too paid the ultimate sacrifice after taking upon Himself the sins of Mankind.

The call to stand out and be different takes more than beleiving in a phrase. Many people try to be different for many selfish reasons and purposes. M.L. wanted to be different so that all people could live together without the color of thier skin being an issue. Because of how he responded to the call, I can live a freer life in this country. Because of how Jesus answered the call, I can live a freer life period.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Whats next, Google or (gasp), Blog?

Yahoo! News - Yahoo! It's a Boy!

First we get kids being named after the World Wide Leader, ESPN, now Yahoo. Whats next, "Google" or even "Blog"? I mean do parent even care that thier kids will be ridiculed by the time they are in middle school and high school thus leading to the dreaded disease, DEPRESSION. Next thing, we will have grown men showing up on Oprah with sobb stories on how they were beaten in school because of thier ridiculous names. What happened to English names like John, William, Edward, Joseph? My name is not English and it is a known name where I come from. I know; lets start naming kids after Corporations that have a history with fraud or dubious products or white collar crime. How about names like "Enron Wilson", "Tyco Johnson", "Global Crossing Taylor", "Worldcom Fraiser"? We could even make last names like "Bloggerson." Sorry folks, Arthur Andersen and Philip Morris are already taken.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What a joke!!! - Boxing - King seeking $2.5 billion in damages

Having grown up in a dictatorship and under a legal system that was crooked at best, I consider the American legal system close to one of the best in the world. Not that it is perfect, great or even good but it is not as tainted by money and connections like many around the world. However my view of this system will greatly diminish if any judge decides to hear this defamation lawsuit. Since when did telling the facts surrounding a person's life cost a media company $2.5 billion? Even tobacco company that have knowingly sold death in a box to individuals for years have never had to shell out that kind of money. The only things that should happen here is Don King get his 15 minutes extra of fame and then go back to doing what he knows best; talking about nothing. That is pretty much what I do here anyway.

Now you can eat your cake and well...lose it by sleeping

Yahoo! News - Stay thin by sleeping more?

Once again, I am commenting on late news but this is of grave interest to me especially since I have commented on weight and sleep in earlier blogs. Now you can combine sleeping and losing weight providing a win win situation. So maybe it is not a bad idea afterall to take those sleeping pills I have been taken because the longer I sleep, the more weight I could loose. In my case, it probably works because I am known for spending most of my awake hours eating.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Fate, Destiny and Tomorrow

Due to popular demand, I have decided to add more of my writtings to this blog (or "drog", yeah its bad for you). So here is another one.

Fate, Destiny and Tomorrow

Sometimes hope is like a fantasy
And faith a fallacy
What shall I say
Where can I hide today
The sun seems to rise a little too late
And dusk comes at a faster rate
Shall I sail to escape my past
Sleep and pray it forever last

Who am I
Tell me and why
Is this to be my destiny
Is this who I was born to be
Now its just a matter of time
Though without any crime
That I meet my impending fate
And run till I fall at heaven's gate.

PS: Let it be know on this day January 11, 2005 that I have coined the term "drog". It means a blog or a web log that is bad for you or just terrible in general.

Yahoo! News - And the Fattest City Is...

Yahoo! News - And the Fattest City Is...

I know this is old news but I still have my two cents to add in. Houston tops the list as the Fattest city and Seattle tops the list as the most fit city. I knew there was a reason that I have always wanted to move to Seattle. I would like to see a survey on the Fattest and Fittest country. I know that the U.S of A has to be high up on that fat list. I mean we can even start with me. As for the fittest, anyone know any Kenyans? Yeah, thats what I thought.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Hello again folks (not that anyone is jobless enough to read this silly blog or any other blog for that matter), I am lacking anything serious enough to rant about this morning so I am going to post a poem about something that a lot of people go through. Some medical journals eveb consider it a disease. Well, if it is, I may have cured it in myself this weekend through a certain pill called Unisom. Folks, I am talking about Insomnia. To cut the long story short, since I have had this Unisom pill, I have had no problem sleeping. Anyway, here is the pil..., I mean poem.

Hours pass as I lay down
My eyes wide open
The need to sleep now
Not what the mind has chosen

Thoughts and worries
Fill up my crazy head
Visions, memories
As I lay in bed

The battles, the fight
So much commotion
Sadness and fright
And many such emotion

Time continues to float by
Still no sign of sleep
The hours slowly fly
Like an off-road jeep

The morning hits
Oh, its time to awake
Tiredness greets
All for nothing’s sake

In just a few hours
The process repeats itself
Though without any power
I must endure all by myself

The wind shifts
A change of heart
The sea drifts
She chooses another path

Now I rest serene
I can feel the drain
Mind and Soul give in
I can dream again

Friday, January 07, 2005

Here is why I love America

Yahoo! News - Sox First Baseman Won't Give Up Ball

One of the reasons why I love this country is the free market system a.k.a. capitalism. Boston Red Sox backup first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz is holding on to the ball that he caught that ended the 2004 World Series which saw the Red Sox win thier first Championship in 86 years. Now the Red Sox want it back and of course they want it for free. Not so fast Theo, everything has a price and this piece of history has a hefty tag on it. Forget team loyalty folks because this my friends is strictly business and nothing personal.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The top 10 baby names of 2004

MSN Family/Baby & Pregnancy

Folks here is another rant about nothing. The top boy baby's name is Jacob. Okay, Jacob. Does anyone know what the meaning of that name is? It means Liar. No wonder we have so many scandals in Corporate America. Don't get me wrong. The first Jacob we know had an outstanding life story but the dude had his name changed for a reason.

ABC News: People of the Year: Bloggers

ABC News: People of the Year: Bloggers

This is exactly what I am talking about when I refer to the hype about blogging. I guess it is a concept and a phenomena that is here to stay and maybe I could accept it. What I am talking about, I have become ONE OF THEM. Oh well, if you can't beat them, join them.

Hype about Blogging

First time blogger here folks. Not sure what the hype is so I thought I should give it a try. You know, don't diss something unless you have tried it. I mean, I won't have the country sending me hate mail because I made fun of the soon to be "America's Favourite Past time" replacing Baseball. Anyway folks for starters, enjoy a poem I wrote a long time ago.

I want to write.
Not 'cos I like to, but 'cos I love to.
I want to write about life stories that may or may not be bright.
They remind me about the crazy things I did that produced scary sights.
I want to write about war and peace though the latter seems impossible.
I want to write about life and death and remember they are both inevitable.
I want to write about the good and evil we seem to face everyday.
They are usually the result of what people have to say.
I want to write about both all old and very new trends.
They really are the results of our own life's various friends.
I want to write about myself and let the world know me and why.
But I really don't want them to get gushy, breakdown and then cry.
Most of all, I want to write about people, the ones that have been so giving.
I only hope that in turn, I can make their lives worth living.
The real reason why I want to write, that I do not know.
But I hope that when I get to write, the results make me grow.