Monday, November 03, 2008

Like a Toothache, I am ready for it to all be over...

To me, this has been the longest political season of my life! It has lasted almost 21 months in my head. Don't get me wrong, I follow politics year around in season and out of season. I think it is because my dad exposed me to the news early and often as a child. It is strange because I have begun sounding like a pundit and most of my analysis seems to be on point with the mainstream media.

But, that said, I am ready for these elections to be over! It certainly isn't because I can't take more of it or because suddenly I have lost interest. It is because that I have a life outside of all of it!!! I have a major exam coming up two weeks from today...I have a day job and most importantly, because of my relationships.

Listen, I love my friends! That's it. I love my family and I also love my church family! The problem is that, these debates between everyone concerning the two presidential candidates (sorry Cordell, I have no respect for third party candidates) is getting way too personal. It is so bad that other than a select few people, I refuse to have a conversation about it.

To anyone whom I have offended by my politics and my positions, I do not apologize but I want you to know that I don't care where we live or under what circumstance...I love you and you mean more than that to me. Let us put aside what separates us and unite around what is important to us which is Jesus Christ and building the kingdom of God. Because, Obama and McCain will pass off the scene but the Kingdom won't and it is our job to see to that.

That's really all I have to say because no matter who wins tomorrow, when we face our maker at the end, it won't be what political ideologies we believe in or what party we belong to, it will be about what we did with the Talents and opportunities God gave us and if that helps expand the Kingdom. Please vote as is your civic right and responsibility. Let God be your guild but in the end, the outcome won't shock him. You are not big enough to mess up God's plan for your life or this country.

Now, later, I might blog on how I think things will pan out in terms of the elections. Maybe...