Friday, September 23, 2005

The Apprenctice: Season 4 and oh...Martha

Well, the new season of the Apprentice openned last night and as those of you who have followed this blog know, I follow the show or at least try to. I try to take as much as I can to apply in my business career and at the same guessed it, observe more on the differences between men and woman in social interactions between each other.

Season started out OKAY. I wasn't wowed but I wasn't disappointed either. I do want to mention something that I had talked about with my buddies the day before. Now before I say it, please understand that good gesture of any size is honorable but I beleive in degrees. In yesterday's episode, one of the contestants found out that his grandmother who he was so close too passed away. At the end of the show, The Donald (as he is affectnately refered to) offered the contestant (whose name escapes me at the moment) the use of his Helicopter to make the funeral. The guys that I watched it with exclamated with an...ah!, thats really nice. I agree. However, I did not think it was a big deal. Why? To The Donald, it is a drop in a big bucket. It will be the equivalent of me loaning my car to someone for 5 mins i.e. not a big deal. Still deserves gratitude because he did not have to get my point. To sort of be-labor the point, I am more impressed by the single mom who donates $100 making $25000 a year to the relief efforts going on in the gulf south than the athlete making $10m a year who ponys up $100,000. All about percentages.

Moving on, I taped and watched the Martha Stewart version of the Apprentice. Basically, 16 ladies cat fighting for the same job. Translation: Not Impressed.

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