Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reality TV

Reality TV

One of the most popular T.V. genres today is what we refer to as Reality T.V. Perhaps the entire world especially the westernized world seems to be captivated by this phenomenon. I am sure there are many reasons to the fact with each individual having their own specific reason for indulging themselves in Reality T.V. However, I would like to highlight one reason as maybe the over-riding one.

Unlike Hollywood (or Bollywood if you live Indian movies) where highly paid actors and actresses are paid millions to take on a new identity and perform, reality television resonates with everyday people more so because, the cast of the shows are…everyday people or so they make you believe. At least, most of them use their real names and share more (or are made to share more) of their personal lives on the set than do actors and actresses. Now for those into reality television, certain shows appeal to them and for the most part the shows that they watch are one that they can identify with on one or more levels.

For example, I am into “The Apprentice” not because of Trump but because I am interested in the business side of the show. I am currently about to graduate with an MBA and Business is kind of my forte. Until the show, I had never had any interest in any other show. I can’t relate to Survivor even though I am from Africa and I have seen my fair share of “uncivilized living.” I can’t relate to American Idol because my voice at best gets lost in the shower or disguised when singing in the church choir. Can’t relate to the American Model for obvious reasons nor do I have a family that qualifies me for any of the family oriented reality shows. So basically, that leaves me with The Apprentice.

What every shows resonates with us or that doesn’t resonate with us, the overlying reason that we watch the shows are because we can sometimes imagine ourselves or someone we know in whatever shows we watch.

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