Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Countdown Begins- 3 days to Go

3 days to go before Graduation. Honestly, I am loving this moments as they float by. I will have to say that sometimes it has been anti-climatic where I feel sort of down about it. But it only takes about two seconds for my eyes and heart to perk up again realizing that this really is it. I hate to rub it in but I have friends that have years to go and I wish they could feel what I am feeling.

To be honest (again), I never believed that I would finish college yet alone get a Masters degree. And to do all these being around such wonderful people has been amazing. I am truly in awe of the way life has happened over the last 5 and half years. Truly amazing.

I am still not sure 100% what I will be doing next but God has been openning some doors over the last few weeks. He has really been shocking me. The Bible says, "No eyes have seen, no ears have hear and no mind can conceive what God has in store for us." I couldn't seen all these things coming. I guess we will continue to trust on the Lord and see how deep this Rabbit hole goes.

As for my graduation, tomorrow I go to pick up my Parents from the Airport in Kansas City. I have seena lot of that 69 highway (which leads from Pittsburg to KC) over the last couple of weeks. Many people ask if I am excited to see them and my answer is...eh, sure. I am but maybe not as thrilled because I was in London with them. Anways, 4 days to go and the rush of blood through my system is indescribable. Congratulations to the Class of 2005- Staying Alive in 2005.

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