Saturday, May 14, 2005

Last Day at work, Graduation and the Day after

Graduation was yesterday and I had a blast to say the least. The ceremony was long and boring as usual but I got some laughs about it especially by teasing my older brother who was also graduation albeit with a nursing degree. As he lined up to walk by, I keep yelling "nurseman" and asking if it was legal for him to now write prescriptions. The guys around me were enjoying the laughs. After graduation, my friends had a reception for us which was great to say the least. My parents were there and people who had been there for me throughout the whole thing.

Yesterday was also the last day of work for me at my present job. It was sad to leave but usually everything has an end. I promised those guys that I will be sure to keep in touch especially since I will be working in town. Thanks Eric, for the wonderful opportunity to work for the Alliance for Technology Commercialization and with the staff of the Business and Technology Institute.

Today, we went to Joplin with my Uncle and the MBA Director for more celebrations and went shopping for my parents. That was interesting. We went to a car dealership and feasted our eyes and then to JC Penny. At this point, I am tired and I need to relax. Later.

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