Friday, May 20, 2005

Busy Again- Final notes on The Apprentice

I haven't posted much basically because I have started my new job and not taken the time to care about this silly blog.

Anyway, the season finale of The Apprentice was last night and as expected by most people not named Tana, Kendra won. They both deserved it. Tana lost the job on the last two tasks because she lost the charm and become overly aggressive in the quest to win. Up until those tasks, Tana acted like a star. Kendra on the other hand is also fit for the Job especially the particular one that she chose. I think Trump's comment on her crying was stupid even though I do not beleive in being emotional in business. I think he was just trying to find a weakness on the last task.

Well, it is on to Season 4 and the Martha spinoff which at this point I have no grave intention on following. My mind may change but it may not. Okay, back to work.

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