Saturday, May 21, 2005

Giacomo and the Preakness

This particular post is pretty much for my own sake. As I mentioned earlier on, I am a Horse Racing fan (well almost exclusive to the Triple Crown). The Preakness is the second installment and who is going to win? Well the favourite is Afleet Alex, my pick to win the Kentucky Derby. He placed third. Today, based on instinct, I have to give Giacomo a chance and yes, I am going with. Why? If you watch last years Kentucky Derby when Smarty Jones won it, you will see that there are similarities between both horses in the way they won it. Granted Smarty Jones was not as long of a shot to win it then but in the Preakness, he smoked the field. I also like stories and I think this will be a great one. Anyway, my sentimental pick again is Noble Causeway.

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