Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 2005

There are some moments in your life that re-enforce commitments you've made to yourself that you sometimes wonder if you will waiver on. Well I experienced an entire day of that moment on Sunday.

Amy, a very dear friend of mine is really into running. I am really into not running. Last year, she ran a marathon for the first time in the Oklahoma City Marathon and did tremendously well there. Well enough that she placed 4th in the her age division Well, this year (last weekend), she did the same thing again and moved up in her age division, placed 4th again and more impressive beat her previous time by 40 mins. The whole thing was nothing short of outstanding and I have a great amount of respect for her and anyone who can run a whole marathon. Now, if I have ever waivered on my decision never to do the running thing, I am back to that conviction especially after Sunday.

I did see some awesome feats of heroism to the degree with running represents (meaning, in the grand scheme of things, there are somethings just as impressive if not more). There was a amputee who ran the whole marathon, a blind man who did the same and another individual who wheeled another person the whole way. I am sure there were a lot of other impressive stories out there. But those were the ones I noticed. I tip my hat to anyone who has ever attempted to run a marathon and finish. You guys are something special in that regard. I also tip my hat to you Amy. I hope to someday watch you run the Boston Marathon. I am convinced that you can do almost anything that you set your heart to do.

As for me, I will plan to cummulatively run 26.2 miles by the end of my lifetime. That will include prior runs I have attempted, trips to the kitchen, trips to my bed and those unfortunate walks from wherever I park to wherever I have to be i.e. work, school, church.

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