Thursday, May 12, 2005

1 Day to Go- Busy Day

One day to go peoples and I feel calm. Sort of like the calm before the storm. Who am I kidding? This is exciting stuff. Went to the airport last night to pick up my parents. I borrowed a friend's minivan and I really appreciate them letting me use it. However, I now realize even more than before that I was not made for those things because my back is killing me today. Anyway, all is well that ends well. Just realized that I use way too much cliches on this bad boy.

Today's schedule is full. Hold on...Gat a brief meeting.

...Okay, I am back. So, about today. I have a going away bash at work. Bash maybe overstating it but there is meat. Let me re-phrase, smoked brisket. Oh yeah. After that, I have several meetings and then probably hang out for a few minutes with my parents before I go do what I do every Thursday night, thats right- eat chinese take out and watch the Apprentice. We are now wondering what we will do every Thursday night after the season finale tonight. Well, we will go back in time and watch the first season till the next season starts.

After that tonight, I have a exam to study for tomorrow which I may or may not at this point. At worst, I get a B or a C in the class (more likely a B). Well, I have another meeting now. C ya.

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