Monday, March 07, 2005

Sad (Sports) Weekend

Well folks, it was a sad weekend in sports for the teams that I root for. My school Pittsburg State University lost in the first round of their conference tournament and although they still managed to get into the National tournament (Div II), it bites a little bit (really not a whole lot) because they lost to their main rivals.

Now the one that bites the most is that Kansas lost to Missouri. Now for my money (although most people will disagree based on what region they live in), there is not a bigger rivalry in college basketball than Kansas-Missouri. This is usually one game that you literally throw out whatever record they come into the game with. See, Duke-UNC is huge but when UNC stunk just a couple of years ago, Duke manhandled them. When in comes to KU-MU, it doesn't matter as MU showed yesterday.

Anyway, my older brother mentioned something last night worth noting. Besides Nigerian National teams, when it comes to sports KU Basketball is the one team that we brothers all root for. Every other sport, we hate the other's favourite team. Anyway, I hope Mr. Langford makes it back for the NCAA tournament. On a personal note, I wish him full recovery.

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