Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Day 3 & 4- I need some mad sleep to continue

You know, vacations are the last place you actually get to rest. However they are the best time to really eat up. If not for all the walking that I get to do here, I would gain at least 5lbs this week alone.

Day 3- Went shopping with my parents. It was rather interesting but quite fun. I got to try on a lot of nice (I mean really nice) Italian suits. Then we got some stuff for everyone and went out to a family friend's house. It was quite the busy day but it was mostly spent in stores and carrying purchased items. Day 4 was bound to be better. I planned a trip to Central London with the idea of being a complete tourist.

Day 4- Had basically two hours of sleep at the most. I think the whole jet lag thing finally hit. About 3am, I got out of bed and went to the living room to watch T.V. and see if there was anyone online to talk to. Finally I went back and laid back down around 5.30 till the sun came out. My day's plan was simple; I was going site seeing with or without anyone. Everytime I had been here in the past, I was on someone else's clock mostly my Parents visiting every Tom, Dick, Harry, Bob, Billy, Tyler...we know. This time (sounds selfish), I wanted to see London from the view point of a camera totting tourist. Well, I went with my sister and the good friend who was putting me up for several days. It was nice and so not underrated. London, although quite dirty is really beautiful at the center, I mean Central London. I took pictures of the London Bridge, Big Ben and other sites. I then got a call from another old friend who came and picked me up. We went out to eat in a Mexican restaurant (really nice) but I had BBQ ribs and chips (fries to us).

Tomorrow, I am definately going to try making it to Highbury. Then I will go hang out with my parents who are expecting me to come spend the rest of my trip there but I have changed my mind and I will stall one day with valid excuses of course. Right now I am watching the English version of the Apprentice and I am sorry, it em...(thinking of an 'English slang word') is (excuse my English) bloody rubbish. Back to what I was saying- you know what, I am done here. I will be back later. When I move in with the parents, I am done blogging in case anyone is interested because I have no access to a PC there. Nite nite.

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