Thursday, March 24, 2005

Day 5: Arsenal Today and Arsenal Tomorrow!!!

Today started out kinda bad but it got better. I woke up late and had to rush all the way to Holloway Road to go meet my parents. I felt kinda weird. Must have been something I ate last night. I knew there was something wrong with eating at a Mexican restaurant in London. My folks were expecting me around 9.30 and that was when I woke up. Well, I went to do a little more shopping with them but only to get what was already on their list. That was until I walked into the Arsenal shop on Finsbury Park. It was hard to get me to leave. It was like, wow! I had been very reluctant to spend money here until I walked in. I came up £60 poorer i.e. $120 poorer. It was a poor financial decision but it seemed very logical at the moment and still does right now. I mean to walk into a store where everything was Arsenal. It was a chilling moment. Not as chilling as what I did after that.

When I was done in the store, I hoped into the train and I went one stop guessed right, Highbury stadium. I mean, this probably sounds nuts for anyone who lives in the same city of a sports team they are a fan off but I could have wept. Well, not really but I will be going back tomorrow for a public tour where I will get to walk out on the tuff. I am so excited. I hope I get the chance to take a few pictures. Today, I just took pictures of the outside.

After that I went to Victoria station to meet another old friend. I am not sure exactly why Vivian chose Victoria station but it was packed like crazy just as I remembered it from 8 years ago. It reminds me of MSG in NY. It was nice to see her again. The last time we were in the same time zone, nothing good could come out of our mouths towards each other but now, we have mended all fenses and things are good. I wish her the very best.

I am tired and I need to get to bed because I have a full day that starts at 8.00am. I also need to pack to move in with my parents. I really appreciate my buddy for putting up with me for the last few days. I hope that in some way I am able to pay him back. Good night y'all.

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