Thursday, March 31, 2005

Day Seven- Day of Rest or something like it

Well, I am back now but I stopped updating due to time constraints and location.

Saturday was Day 7. I got up and prayed with my parents. That was good although the awake time was too early in my book especially for a vacation. I needed to go back to the Arsenal shop and exchange something I got and my Mom happened to be going in that direction so we both went together. The plans for the day were to go out with my parents and my sister to a family friend's house. After that I would have to get my stuff together because we were spending the night with yet another relative. Somewhere though I had to fit in my two buddies coming from Oxford to come see me.

It worked somehow. I left our friend's house after only ten minutes of being there and headed down to Oxford Street where I would be meeting David and Ikeobi, two friends I hadn't seen in 8 years. It really feels weird saying "friends I haven't seen in 8 years." I am getting old fast.

It was a mess trying to meet them in Oxford. Folks, don't meet anyone in Oxford or Victoria if you visit London. You might as well take a hammer and drive a nail into your head. I was on a time schedule to try to make it home and pack all my stuff and wait for the guy picking my family up. I was asked to be home at 4.30. I got to Oxford Street at 3.00pm sharp and it took 30 mins to finally find everyone. We went to the Angus Steak House on Oxford Street and it was good again. We laughed loud and talked about what we are all doing now. We talked about the good old days and after that, we took pictures and said our good byes. That was before one of them made a comment refering to the girls that walked by as birds in the sentence, "Man, the birds are out today." It was funny because I have never heard that before.

It was 4.30 when I left and I made it home just after 5pm. The rest of the evening was okay and sort of sad because I knew this was it. The couple that we stayed with took us to a Chinese Buffet which I used to show of my Chinese speaking skills. After that, we went home and I got ready for bed.

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