Thursday, December 29, 2005

Book Update

Before I go into the topic that led to the title, I will talk a bit of what has been going on in the point of view that is. In order word, I just want to talk like I always seem to do. Christmas was good. Spent it with friends and family and sometimes they are one and the same thing. My cousin who lived with us for a while growing who is more like a sister came to visit us for the first time. It was her first time out of the NY/NJ area and boy did Pittsburg, KS look like the moon to her. She is back in her corner of the world and apparently doing fine.

This week at work has been relatively relaxed but it is more like the calm before the storm. My world is about to get busier and my boss basically said to me today, do well and you can renegotiate your contract, flop and you are out of the door. Not like there is any pressure here or anything but oh well. Weather has been nice and I mean between the 50's and high 60's and no I am not kidding. But most of it was spent indoors and I know I missed a golfing opportunity this week. I do have the day off tomorrow to make ammends should the weather hold up.

Now to the book. I have in my opinion anyway done the outline but for some reason, I am getting less and less optimistic about how the book will turn out. I guess my goal really is to just get published and maybe sell 100 copies mostly to friends and family. My goal is to be done with the book by the end of the summer and 3 people so far have soft committed to help me write it.

What else...well, like I mentioned, next week Friday will be this blog's one year anniversary. Might not be a big deal to anyone but it kinda is to me because I never thought that I would keep it up. Sure I diverted away from News commentary and moved to more of my personal life but hey, I had to go with what the people wanted.

Finally if I do not get the opportunity to write to you guys one more time before the year runs out, I want wish all of you a tremendous year ahead and God Bless you. If you don't know Christ, find someone who does and ask them to introduce Him to you. Make Knowing Him your New Year's Resolution. If you know Him and don't have a church you call your, make that you New Year's Resolution and stick to it like white on rice. It would be the best decision you make all year and possibly for rest of your life.

Next time I come to you, I will maybe post "Predictions sure to go wrong for 2006" both on a personal level and one a National or perhaps entertaining level.

So long good fellas.


heather said...

Ugo, what a nice long blog! glad you had a good christmas. Hope you'll be able to renegotiate your contract. you work at depco, right? what exactly do you do there?...Happy bookwriting-looking forward to reading it.

Ugo said...

Thanks Heather. Not sure I have told you this before but you are wicked awesome. I will make sure you get a signed copy of the book.