Monday, December 12, 2005

Mexico Plans Canceled? Yes, for me, it is

Yes, the rumors are right (this time anyway). I will not be making it to my fourth home, Mexico this year. Why? One word, work. I am disppointed in a way and okay with it in another way. I am disappointed because I have looked forward to this trip all year long but I found out on Friday from two people at work whose words weigh the heaviest that we have a bunch of stuff to do particularly on one project which I consider my baby.

I am okay with it because I have been globe trotting for the last couple of months and this could be a welcome rest for me. Hopefully next year, I will be able to make it south. I appologize to all those who were at the very least okay that I was going there. I am sure you won't have as much fun without me but I can also say that I won't have as much fun without you either.

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