Monday, November 28, 2005

Unbelievable Definition

Watching TV in High Def blows me away. This will probably be the last time I talk about my big blank TV. It is just crazy. The only thing I can compare it to occurred when I was a kid. Some of you don't know this but I have terrible eye sight. I mean absolutely horrific eyesight. Those of you who are shorted sighted understand when I say I am a -6.5 on both eyes. When I started using glasses at eight, I was at -3.5. My eye sight became almost twice as worse in 8 years. That was until I started using contacts. Anyway, that was a mild rabbit trail. Before I started using glasses (pre-High Def), everything seemed like one big blur. I did not know that leaves had definition. I sat in front of the TV and my parents thought it was my favourite spot. I did not know that you could see the circle of the moon even if it wasn't full. I thought that everyone's eyes were like that. Then I put on my new pair of glasses (High Def), it was a miracle. It was like an epiphany. Those of you with 20-20 vision will never understand the change.

Exact same thing with High Def. This is how bad it was. In the afternoon, there were two games on TV, one in High Def and the other regular. The Rams were playing the Texans and the Chiefs, the Patriots. Now those of you who know me well know that I hate the Chiefs and because of their success dislike the Pats (though I respect them). You who know me also know that I love the Rams but yesterday, it was the Pats Chiefs game on HD and I apologize to my beloved Rams that I was victimized by HD. I will say that I did catch the end of the amazing comeback beginning from the onside kick till the end of over time when Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard Grad and smartest guy in the NFL throw a TD pass to Kevin Curtis for the win. I guess that is what we call a win-win situation.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are back to doing what you, work...

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