Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2 Days to Go

I know this is silly but I needed a title for this post. I guess my silly TV (if 42 inches of High Definition is silly to you too) should be coming in Friday like I said. Oh, by the way (because I haven't mentioned this yet), I will be leaving the country for the third time this year to Nigeria for the second time this year at the end of the month. I know, I just got back but oh well, more work needs done. What else is new?

Well, here is a topic I consider a little hilarious. You know how celebrities, politicians and athletes always have press conferences? You know like if thier toe nail is broken and they can't play on Sunday or other misreable excuses to have a press conference. Won't it be funny if regular Joes, Janes and Peters (in my case, Ugos) like us had press conferences every now and then. "Oh, I said something that hurt my wife's feelings. Time for a press conference to appologize." Then I would sit down and read a statement using words like "inappropriate," "taken out of context," "convoluded," and finish with, "Once again honey, I am sorry if I said anything that MAY have hurt you. I hope to be back on the playing field (dinner table and bedroom as opposed to No dinner and Couch) tonight. Please accept my sincerest appologies."

Okay maybe that sounds all far fetched but it is pretty funny to me.

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