Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This and That

As some of you know, I leave tomorrow for Nigeria again and I will be gone for at least a week on business. That means that after tomorrow morning, I blog no more until I come back unless I am insanely lucky. I know that it is sad but I am sure you can all use the 3 mins a day you spend on the blog doing some more important in your life. Try not to bash me when I gone because I know you will miss me and if you do, the feeling is mutual. Not to other thoughts...

I have written anything of significance in a long time now. It seems that my quasi-writer's bloc lasts longer and longer each time around. I maybe getting too busy or too lazy or maybe it is because I don't take my computer home anymore. Maybe I just need to make a consious effort to do something about it or maybe my writing days are over save the book at least for now.

Christmas is of course around the corner. As you all know, this country is famous for the commercialization of Christmas. I am not going to go off on the subject but it is just sad that this time of the year also tends to be the most depressing because people start measuring themselves to others around them only to come up short. The problem is that when we measure ourselves to others, it tends to be things on the exterior that we focus on. We focus on things that are perishable, that are purchased, that we or they wear or have. Truth be told that while we all somewhere inside know that it is the wrong perspective to have, we end up falling victim to it time and time again. No magic formula here to solve it except to love God with a passion and remember that Jesus is the reason, the only reason for this season and pretty much all seasons. If I have everything and have not love, I have nothing. God is love and if I have that, I have everything that I can ever need. I know this sounds a little preachy but the reality is that it is true.

I am sure I will talk about something later before I leave tomorrow so stay tunned.

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Michael said...

Good points Ugo.

Hope things go well on your trip! I will do an extra set of exercises for you while you're gone.