Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lockdown...False Start

There was a city wide (and probably a nationwide) lockdown to allow for the Nation Assembly Elections to take place. The lockdown was in place from 6pm Friday to 6pm Saturday. Now, due to the challenges a third world country faces with credible elections, it isn't a bad idea to restrict movement other than those voting. The lockdown turned Lagos into a virtual ghost town. 

This is a view of a Major Highway in the City

Different Section of the Highway...there's typically neck breaking Traffic

Some neighbors heading to the polls

Well, this was a test of my will to take more pictures. Moving on...I was tempted to go driving because it was probably as good a situation I would be brave enough to drive in here. My folks said if I had an emergency vehicle, I could probably get to Victoria Island in 7 minutes versus the 2+ hour drive it typically is. 
All that said, the elections did go on as planned. Apparently, the supply of voter cards et al. didn't show up till so late in the day for many places. It has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Now, I could go on and on and rip the electoral officials (INEC) for all this wahala (trouble) but all the TV stations are doing a good job of that.

So what does this mean for us? NO WORK TOMORROW!!! Cue the party hats! Whoohoo! I called my boss and he said not to show up and instead to relax. Actually, I am not that excited because I was ready to get going. But on the other hand, I think Amy and I will walk around the neighborhood so that can go around without fear of being run over by crazy drivers. Here's to a safe Lockdown II.

In other news, my cousin whom I mentioned had been sick for a couple of weeks is doing much better. His fever is down and looks like he will be discharged from the hospital anytime soon. Amy is probably his new favorite person since she shared some of her candy with him this afternoon.

Before I sign off for today, I want to mention that we went to church with my parents today and we were prayed for by the entire church although I think the pastor leading the prayer was slightly confused he prayed that we would have a safe trip back. I hope that is not a We think about our church family often and pray for you guys as well. Thanks for all your support.


Lori said...

What is your job? I am really enjoying reading about your "new lives" so please keep writing.

Ugo said...

Hi Lori...good to hear from you. We will both remain Bean counters for a local oil company. I will try to write often. We will see how the plan goes once work starts.

Dennis said...

praying for you guys and enjoying the blog

Kerri said...

Great job on the photo-taking, Ugo! I can't imagine a city closing down for elections so seeing the empty highways was cool. You should take those same photos on days when there isn't a lock down so we can see how horrific the traffic is. Enjoy what was supposed to be your first day of work off.
Is Amy allowed to run with the two-day lock down?

Ugo said...

Kerri, I did take a busier picture of the highway and I will post it when I get a chance. That highway isn't as bad as what we see and I will take others to show you. Amy hasn't run whatsoever since we've been here and she isn't too particularly happy with that.