Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodluck and Good Friday. And do you know what a 5 Day weekend Means?

Good Friday to you all! My it's great to have a day off that doesn't involve a lockdown. Wow, those things are obnoxious. Wait, what? There's another one coming? Stinky...oh well, I think we will live.
Again, Good Friday to anyone reading this. I think Easter is the most significant season on the calendar whether you are Christian or not because if you are saved, it's about how you got saved and if you aren't, it's about why you need to be. I am ever grateful for the blood that was shed for me so lets all acknowledge the reason for the season...and the reason for all seasons, Jesus. I pray that He is in true form will be all my reasons. Amen.

Well, Goodluck Jonathan finally contested and won an election and in one half of the country, there was parties on the streets and in the other half, violence. The Northern half is still trying to cope with the fact their candidate lost and I am just happy that for the first time in my life, the story about the actual elections isn't fraud so I'll take the step in the right direction. While I truly didn't have any dog in the fight, I am not convinced that President Jonathan is Mr. Right (or any of the other guys for that matter) but he is Mr. Right Now and that's good enough for us and I pray God leads and guides him. 1 Peter 2:17 says "Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government." 

It's been an interesting and short week. It's been busy but I think we got a few things done. We have had a few challenges along to way as to be expected but God's grace really is sufficient. Our AC almost exploded one night while we slept but alas, we survived. Amy got her new office and it looks like her little bit of Paradise which makes me happy. When ever anyone asks how I am doing her, I say, ask Amy and if she's good, then I am good. She's a trooper and everyday I feel luckier that she said yes.

I did finally get a phone and a new line or so I thought and with the challenges I have had so far with it, I now appreciate AT&T wireless (not you DSL Service because I am mad at you) ever more. Globalcom a.k.a. sucks! And if you are reading this and you work for them...I want my money back. Okay, I am done with that.

We are now mobile. Yes we now have a vehicle although that itself came with a bit of drama. I had the guy delivering it to our apartment come this morning and he decided to show up at 4am which was fine (he warned me he'd be early). Well, he called and I grabbed a set of keys to head to the parking lot and as soon as I shut the door to the apartment, I realized I had grabbed to wrong set of keys. So I hung out with him and security for about half an hour because I didn't want to ring the doorbell and wake Amy up...finally I did but she didn't wake up. I am grateful the security guard had N14 (10 cents) remaining on his cell phone credit which was just enough to make the call and she came and opened the door for me.

Well, we have a 5 day weekend like I mentioned...Good Friday through Easter Monday and Elections on Tuesday! Can you imagine 5 days off and do you know what that means as well? Only a 3 day work week next week! Well, maybe I will actually blog a few times this week. So here's my to do list for the weekend...

- Today, get Amy a treadmill
- Today, go to a Broadway Production (FELA, VIP Seats that cost a small fortune)
- Tomorrow, host parents
- Tomorrow, get a hair cut
- Sunday, finally GO TO CHURCH!
- Sunday, Dinner with Parents and maybe meet cousin's new kid
- Monday, BEACH!
- Tuesday, sleep and get ready for work.

Somehow in between, I need to find a driver...interested?

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