Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living in Paradise

I should probably be headed to bed which is where Amy is but I am quite sleepy yet so I thought I would give a brief update. Like I mentioned, I am sure as time goes on, it will turn into something I have to constantly remind myself to do so I am apologizing ahead of time.

We moved in on Sunday which was the same day my folks left the country seeking political asylum in the UK...okay, that's a joke. Well, the part about asylum anyway. My parents left on business to London and we were thankful that one of their drivers (Ema which is short for Emanuel) was kind enough to shuttle us and all our stuff to Paradise. Yes, the apartments (or flats if you will) are called Paradise. I will refrain from any sarcasm. Ema was also kind enough to take us to the grocery store so we could get some cleaning supplies and food items so we don't starve since my folks had taken so good care of us while were there.

Well, sticker shock at the store (Shoprite) was a big issue and that's going to take some getting used to. The issue is that we live in the sort of neighborhood where people are willing to pay those prices. The worst part is that although I saw it coming, it's still hard to fully brace yourself for it. I mean $9 for a box of cereal was a bit much. Anyway, slowly but surely, I am sure we will buckle down and do what we have to do. We did find fresh milk but it isn't skim so Amy passed on that.

Something I should mention is that Sunday was also our 1st anniversary! I also pictured us in a foreign country close to the sea...I think I had Greece in mind but my lovely wife is so supporting and I owe her something much better than what she got for sticking around for a year. So we spent most of the day cleaning and trying to make this a home.

We were able to find another store called Goody's and Amy felt she was in heaven (ignoring the prices of course) because they had just about anything she could have wanted from the States. Of course all I could notice were the prices. For example, we found Bunny Tracks Ice Cream for  about $23. Yeah, I don't need it that badly.

Now before you get all bugged down about our one year anniversary romance plans, I did take Amy to the finest KFC I have ever been to in the world and we got some to go meals. A colleague was nice enough to let me use his car to procure the meal. I also got some sparkling grape juice to top up the occasion. So lets just say I still owe her big time. 

Please don't comment on our tired faces...
Over the past couple of days, Amy has done an unbelievable job of turning this into a home and for that I am really thankful. I for sure married up. Now our next step is to find a church we can serve. We are weighing several options including where my parents attend. We plan to attend a few over the next few weeks and find where got knits our hearts to. There really are many options but a preference would be something smaller so that we can plug in quickly. So please be in prayer for us that we find the right house of worship. Well, that's it for now. I will leave you with a few more pix I took on my commute today.
Now, I must shower and go to bed to get ready for another day. Until then, here's to living in Paradise.


Kerri said...

I bet Amy had never been so excited to see a KFC? Happy anniversary Nwagwus!

Sarah said...

I so remember sticker shock! I'd almost forgotten about it until you mentioned it:) Is the KFC there anything like here? The one in Korea was a little different, but the one in Japan was completely different! It was pretty good still, the batter was just a lot different:) I'm really glad to hear you guys have a place of your own though, that'll be nice; I hope it meets your expectations. Love you guys!

Ugo said...

Honestly speaking, it was the best looking KFC I have ever been to. Maybe I will take pictures when next we go there.