Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lockdown 3- The Presidential Election and a 5 day weekend?

So technically today isn't Lockdown 3 but it is the day after and I was so busy yesterday that I didn't have time to give any updates. Actually it has been a fairly busy past few days and we've come up against many living situational challenges but we know God is in control.

Here are a few of the living situational challenges-

Transportation- Now, I know you have the the boats and how fun that may be and you'd be right. In fact we did take a different boat to work Friday (Casual Friday). It was more of a recreational boat that the other two we had been on and it wasn't easy to get to working after that. But the boat obviously can't get to the grocery store or to the mall and this is where having a Vehicle comes in handy. Yes it is stating the obvious but the result of that challenge is that there is very little food in the house and that's if you count the bag of Candy Amy has in the Fridge. More importantly, it is Sunday morning right now and going to Church is obviously not happening because I don't know of any church we could access by boat.

Sleeping- Well last night, the best we were sleeping on decided to collapse underneath us which was funny not in isolation but based on everything we had been running into yesterday as you will read below.

Washer- Our washer decided to leak and it basically flooded the Guest Bedroom and it took me two hours to mop the water off the floor. This happened as the power continued to flicker due to a storm that was going on at the same time.

Later today, we will be going to work so we can get a few things done. Hopefully we can also sort out the missing vehicle so that maybe we can get some food in this house. Although I did find out how we can do without getting a cook and actually eating home style cooked meals...the Company Cafeteria! They cook different meals every day and the prices are very very reasonable. I can feed us for $4 and they deliver to the office.

The lockdown did give Amy a chance to finally stretch her legs and run. A childhood friend of mine invited us to spend Friday and Saturday with he, his wife and 2 year old son and they live in a nice estate about 2 hours away with traffic and 30 mins without. It felt like a really nice retreat and Amy is now burnt to a crisp because she forgot to pack suncreen :). Till next time, thanks for reading!

One last weekend, starting on Friday, we have a 5 day weekend...yes, you read right, 5 DAYS! Sunday is Easter so with Good Friday and Easter Monday as well as Lockdown 4 on Tuesday for more voting, we have 5 days what to do with that? BEACH!!!

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Lori said...

I've been keeping up with the elections via the news & praying that God's will be done in Nigeria. The bed thing is hilarious! Nothing like a great finish to a great day, right? Tell Miss Amy to keep the SPF 100 handy! :) Have a great week you two.