Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lockdown 2: First Accident, Apartment Update and Pictures of Our Commute

It's election day again! Which means another lockdown but so far elections in large part seem to be going well. My parents also went out to vote this morning. They are unhappy they won't be around next weekend to vote in the Presidential Elections. They are off to London on business. Too bad there are no absentee ballots. I previously shared pictures of a major road during the shut down. Here's what it looks like early in the mornings before things get hectic.

Well, we made it through the week but Amy has spent a good chunk of the last 18 hours sleeping but hey, what's a good lockdown without catching up on sleep. I on the other hand have spent most of the afternoon trying to get her portable DVD player to work on her netbook and yes, I finally got it done. Now she can watch Matlock to her heart's content.

Back to my week...

To describe what driving or riding in a car in Lagos traffic is virtually impossible. You really have to see it, yet be in it to believe it. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. In fact sometimes, it's best to close your eyes (if you are riding) so that if you are involved in some fender bender or mild wreck, your body isn't so tense and thus reduces the effect of the said accident. Well, we were involved in our first accident this week. It happened Thursday on our way home from work. We had stopped during traffic and were rear ended by a "danfo" or minivan bus. We weren't expecting it which made the effects of the whiplash minimal. The damage to our vehicle was also minimal so no worries...

Another update is that we now have our apartment ready and we will be moving in tomorrow morning (which hopefully means before the end of the day) and maybe get a chance to finally unpack and begin the settlement process. I did ride over there to see it. Amy was busy so I tried to take pictures for her to em...enjoy.
Not to be so obvious but this is the kitchen

Living Room

Our Bedroom

View off the Patio

Large Patio

Now for those who don't know, we have opted to ride the boat to work to cut our commute whenever we can. I rode the boat during lunch back and forth when I went to check out our apartment and thought I should share which I will.

The US Embassy

Someone's Yatch

Traffic on my commute

More Traffic

Taxi service on my commute
Well that's it for now. I hope you all in Lagos got a chance to vote. And for you others elsewhere, have a pleasant Saturday. I believe I need to go pack up stuff to exit the parents tomorrow.


Lori said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Ah, to take a boat to work! Having lived 31 years by the ocean, I do miss large bodies of water here in the landlocked Midwest. Have a great weekend & hope the moving goes well! PS Harold is off to Pittsburg next weekend to work w the worship team.

Charity said...

This is so cool! Love to see how life is for you guys. I've never been to Africa...

Ugo said...

@Lori, my folks aren't so tickled about the boat ride to and from work but it's better than 2 hours in traffic. And I have instructed the folks in Pitt to be good to him :p

@Charity, well if you are brave enough to drag two kids here (I do not recommend it) sometime in the next couple of years, then you know you have a place to stay :)