Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lockdown IV: The Final Lockdown

So here we are again...another lockdown. This is Lockdown IV a.k.a The Final Lockdown a.k.a. Recovery Tuesday. The is the fifth day of a 5-Day weekend. It's been a good one. I think it has been the most productive weekend. I set out a list of things to accomplish...so let's see how I did.

- Today, get Amy a treadmill - Check and she's already used it!
- Today, go to a Broadway Production (FELA, VIP Seats that cost a small fortune) - Check and it was quite spectacular although I would consider it a Tragedy
- Tomorrow, host parents - Check. They came, they saw and they liked...
- Tomorrow, get a hair cut - Check. I am bald again
- Sunday, finally GO TO CHURCH! - This is a semi check because we did make it to church but because I was misplaced while driving, we were uber late. Late enough that people had started leaving :(
- Sunday, Dinner with Parents and maybe meet cousin's new kid - Check and Check although we got to go see the kid on Saturday as well. I didn't even ask what they named him. BBM Time.
- Monday, BEACH! - Check...more on that later
- Tuesday, sleep and get ready for work. - Check i.e. a work in progress.

So I guess I did get a few things accomplished. We also found another grocery store called Spar. I believe it is Amy's new favorite because she said that about 20 times. If I didn't know any better, I would think Wal-Mart owns the place because it sure had the sense and feel of a Sam Walton store. Nevertheless, it had the most options of any store we've been to so far. That's what we did Saturday night so another accomplishment.

On Easter Monday though, I did wake up with a stomach cramp and then I realized it was probably due to some kind of food poisoning. That threatened our plan trip to the beach with 4 other friends. Two of which are former classmates of mine. Around the time I was going to call in and cancel our companionship, I was able to em..."up-chuck" the contents of my stomach and I felt significantly better.

I hadn't planned on driving once we go to our departure zone which is about 20 mins from our apartment sans traffic, but I was nominated because I had a bigger vehicle I guess. The beach we went to was called La Campagne Tropicana. It is at least 75 miles from V.I. down the Lagos State Coastline so it took us a while to get out there but once we did, it was relaxing and a lot of fun. We of course forgot our cameras but I think the others brought picture taking devices and pictures will be forth coming when we get them.

It was nice to relax and even go walking on the beach with Amy. The waves were huge, a surfers dream but we managed to get wet despite the perceived dangers of the strong currents. Well, that's about all I guess I can say about all that. We made it home and tried to get to bed at a decent hour. Amy has pretty much been sleeping ever since.

Well, it is back to work tomorrow and I have been warned that it will be a long day. I need to get a driver soon because I am pretty sure I am not confident driving at night yet in Lagos but I will do what I can I guess tomorrow.

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