Friday, July 01, 2005

A possible new hobby?

I have been taking into consideration several options that many of my friends have offered as well as those that I have considered. It seems like everything in my description spells G-O-L-F. Surprised? No one knows me should be. It is somewhat active and it can be played alone or with someone else. I am also trying to be a businessman and as we know, Golf is the official sport of businessmen. Well, we will see.


Anonymous said...

GOLF?? oh no. I was hoping that moving back to Kansas would stop or at least curb my husbands golf obsession!! If he breaks the golf "rules" then you can have his clubs!! :) Have fun and be ready to invest too much money!

Ugo said...

Well, let me know when (it is inevitable) he breaks the rules because then I won't have invest so much money :).