Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Looking for a (New) Hobby

This is a little strange that I am posting this but once again if anyone is bored enough to read this blog or happens to stumble upon it, I need help with suggestions. I am trying to find a new hobby. Something that although active is not strenuous and while exciting, not too expensive. Actually, preferably not expensive at all because I am broke right now. The problem with me is that I can be overly picky in some things and not picky at all in other things. I think this is one of the things were I will be picky.

One might ask, why do you want a new hobby? Reason is simple, I am losing a lot of my friends to this marriage thing and since I plan on being single for a while, I have some free time on my hands. The secondary reason is that these days when I come back from work, I am really content with just staying at home doing absolutely nothing. I still love to hang out with people but other than small group hang outs, most of the time, we talk about nothing.

So, I need something fun and a little challenging but something I can do. Popular sports is out of the question except if I can get into Tennis. I wouldn't mind something I can do with other people but I would like something I can do by myself and then with people.

Hopefully, I get several options from somebody out there but if not, no qualms. But I will keep search for something unique.

One more thing; I am not a collector unless I can give whatever it is away.


Anonymous said...

*knitting-you could make Christmas and birthday gifts for all of your friends and family
*writing a book-a book of poetry or a novel
*ping pong-can be done at the YMCA for free and includes mild excercise
*babysitting-all of those married w/kids friends of yours would love a night out and kids love you
*learn a language-chinese? sign language?
*visit nursing homes-many elderly people have few visitors and they usually love young people
*learn to sew-more gifts and an alternate career option
*bow hunting-girls love guys with skills
*assist with coordinating the Children's Church program
*start a newspaper targeting young people with the Gospel
*borrow books-from friends and the library-pick a topic and research it

Whatever you do, strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Ugo said...

Thanks for all the options. As I mentioned, I am a little picking so throw out all the stuff that has anything to do with knitting and sewing. I have actually considered writing a book but I have shelved the idea for now. I do want to learn a language although Chinese is not an option. But those two things do not include any physical activity. I already do quite a bit of writing but I may need to channel that differently. But I will also have to throw out anything that looks like I am at school i.e. research. Baby sitting kids and visiting nursing homes do not seem like hobbies to me. I am sorry that I am disecting all of these ideas which are fabulous. I guess I warned that I was picky. Oh, I work with the Children Church program already.

Erin said...

Hey, Ugo,you should buy a new car and then sell it and get another one... oh wait, didn't you just do that?

You could get a pilot's license and then you wouldn't need a new car, and you wouldn't get bored because all the scenery changes so much...


Ugo said...

Erin, thats not a hobby if you do it only once a year. Actually, I think I am going to stick with this beauty for now. Four cars in as many years spells lack of loyalty or the dreaded C word, co-commit-, ah, I can't even say it. Hopefully I keep this one.