Sunday, July 31, 2005

Finally, Golfing at last

Finally guys, I went golfing and I will tell you what...anyone who says that Golf is not a physical sport or not a sport period must have gone miniature golfing or something.

Anyway, I went with my buddy Newman who is just back from Iraq for a couple of weeks. First we hit the driving range and I got some impromtu lessons on driving and boy, did I come out swinging. Then we played a nine hole course and by the end of the ninth hole, I was physically exhausted. We weren't playing no Par 3's the whole way. There were several 450+ Par 5's on this 9 hole course. Anyway, on one of the holes, I had a legitimate bogey. I was so excited.

The hardest part about golfing to me is putting and that I something I need to learn and learn fast if I am going to continue which I plan on doing so.

So when next am I going? I am not sure. Newman is leaving back this week and will be back in November. I will definately hit the driving range every once in a while if I can get some clubs for free from anyone. In the mean time, I will continue to ponder what it will be like when I actually become decent. By decent I mean, "a double bogey golfer."

As for other things going on, I have been busy with work. Tomorrow, I am flying to Richmond, Va. I wonder if they have any cool courses out there.

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