Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London Awarded 2012 Olympic Games - MY BAGS ARE ALREADY PACKED

London Awarded 2012 Olympic Games - Yahoo! News

This is fabulous news! For the record, I do plan on being there. I missed the one in Athens because of schooling scheduling and...finances. Anyway, if it is in London, I am going and thats it. Well, unless God has other plans but if He doesn't have my schedule filled up during the month of the Games, I plan on being there. Anyone who wants to come with me, please let me know early enough. Most of you should be done with school by then and thus without such excuses. Of course most of you will be married by then and if I am, notice to the future wife, I AM GOING! If I happen to still be single then, all the best. I know some pretty cool places to go there.

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