Monday, July 18, 2005

Tiger Wins the Open

Yahoo! Sports - Golf - After a British Open rout, just imagine what might have been

Yes it is late but I had to touch on this. With the British Open win, Tiger is just 8 majors shy of the record held by Jack Nicklaus. I never had a chance to watch any of The Open until Sunday morning. I know what you are thinking. "Why weren't you at church?" Well...its the British Open! Just kidding. I will explain later. Anyway, I got the chance to watch holes 4 through 11 and let me tell you, it was intriguing, not because Tiger was playing great which he was (although you couldn't tell from the look on his face), not because he was maintaining his lead and not because he was Tiger. I thought it was all intriguing because of how Jose Maria Olazabal, Tiger's partner on Sunday just faded stroke after stroke. You sort get the feeling that anyone paired with Tiger on Sunday in a Major when he is lurking or worse has the lead, just melts under pressure. As for Tiger, ice in his vains. Next major up for Tiger, the PGA Championship in Baltusrol Golf Club at Springfield, New Jersey.

As for why I wasn't in church and instead watching The Open instead, I was in Kansas City for a Bachelor party on Saturday which for all intents and purposes lately till about 1am or 2am in the morning. I woke up about 9am in the morning and began watching my new found hobby golf.

Speaking of my new found hobby, my good friend and soon to be golf partner Justin, returns from Iraq today for a two week break from the service. After that, he has a few months left and he will be back. Even though I stink at the sport, we will someday be good enough to warrant comparrison to Tiger and Phil Mikerson and since I am the one who is black, I will have to be the Tiger.

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