Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Y-Basketball League and back to writing (maybe)

As if my summer wasn't going to be busy enough, I joined a YMCA Summer Basketball league with a bunch of my buddies. Tonight was the first game and to put it lightly, we got creamed. It was fun. We looked like obstacles in the middle of a dunk contest. It will be interesting to say the very least but I will get some exercise doing it for sure.

Anyway, I may get back to writing some time this summer. I have found the time to do so and that is right before bed but unfortunately, I have hit my long season of writer's bloc (not that I am much of one anyway). Hopefully, I will get the chance to do some more writing. If not writing, maybe some reading and I am not the kind that has a reading list or asks for one. I sort of do it sponteneously.

I did write something a while ago about an Eagle. It is an unfinished work but I doubt that I will ever finish it. I will post it next. If someone is bored enough and wants to help me finish it, be my guest.

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