Monday, June 13, 2005

Ryan and Rachel's Wedding- Beautiful

I don't think I have ever called any wedding beautiful but I will this one because it truly was. Not that the others I had been to weren't but this one was personal. If you want to know who Ryan is, you would have to go to the pictures of me with the guy in the Basketball Jersey after my London trip. That is Ryan. Not to dwell on this, but Ryan is a class act. We nicknamed him LeBron because there was so much hype about him when he was single and he was the guy that every father wanted thier daughter to marry (even some that there daughters weren't of legal age yet).

I was Ryan's best man and I had a lot of fun being that. I tried to milk the publicity. Anyway, Ryan and I have been close friends especially over the last couple of years and I have known Rachel since day one of my being here and I wish them the very best. They will do incredible things for the Kingdom of God. It is awesome to watch two people that have kept themselves for each get married. That is lost in a culture where premarital relationships are the norm not the exception. I know that they will be blessed in all of it. Don't know what else to say about it. Oh, they had real food too at thier wedding a la pulled pork and brisket. It was great. Got to dance with several people which was fun. One person even paid me 50 cents to dance with me. I did show up spotting a bright red Celica and no bands on my fingers which made me a hot commodity for the young single girls and don't worry, I was able to get out alive.

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