Monday, June 13, 2005

Got my Celica- Rough Trip

I picked up my Celica and she is a beauty. Now I will be the first person to confess especially out of experience that nothing physical can ever satisfy long term and this car is not intended to do so. That said, she is still a beauty and I will love and enjoy driving till I get bored and want to get something else.

As for the trip, it was the longest I have ever done solo. I left Panama City and drove to Memphis. On my way there, I got caught in the huge storm. Folks, I hate to be dramatic but I could have easily been swept away by the storm. Visibility was zero at best and semi's and trailers and SUVs were parking under bridges to wait for the storm to pass. And no, I did not stop for one second even though the thought was constantly in my mind. I don't stop for anything usually not even to use the bathroom. The only thing I stopped for was gas and that was after 6 hrs of driving and about 430 miles after I started. Needless to say, I was (I can't beleive I am admitting this) scared sh**less. I prayed hard while speaking in tongues. However, there was a certain confidence that overcame and I knew in a moment that I couldn't die. I had a wedding to attend (which I will talk about later). More seriously, there was a sense in God that created boldness in me because I realised that I had more to do in life for the Kingdom.

Moving on past the storm, I got to Memphis safe and sound and stayed with some friends of mine that I grew up down the street from. I had not seen them in 6 or 7 years. It was good to see them again. Amazing how much we have all grown since then.

I left Memphis Friday morning around 6:30am and once again, I did not stop until I needed gas. By the time the entire trip was over, I had driven 1000.1 miles alone. I made it back safely thanks to God and I am not looking to travel anywhere by road anytime soon. Ask me about that in a week.

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