Thursday, January 13, 2005

Whats next, Google or (gasp), Blog?

Yahoo! News - Yahoo! It's a Boy!

First we get kids being named after the World Wide Leader, ESPN, now Yahoo. Whats next, "Google" or even "Blog"? I mean do parent even care that thier kids will be ridiculed by the time they are in middle school and high school thus leading to the dreaded disease, DEPRESSION. Next thing, we will have grown men showing up on Oprah with sobb stories on how they were beaten in school because of thier ridiculous names. What happened to English names like John, William, Edward, Joseph? My name is not English and it is a known name where I come from. I know; lets start naming kids after Corporations that have a history with fraud or dubious products or white collar crime. How about names like "Enron Wilson", "Tyco Johnson", "Global Crossing Taylor", "Worldcom Fraiser"? We could even make last names like "Bloggerson." Sorry folks, Arthur Andersen and Philip Morris are already taken.

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