Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hype about Blogging

First time blogger here folks. Not sure what the hype is so I thought I should give it a try. You know, don't diss something unless you have tried it. I mean, I won't have the country sending me hate mail because I made fun of the soon to be "America's Favourite Past time" replacing Baseball. Anyway folks for starters, enjoy a poem I wrote a long time ago.

I want to write.
Not 'cos I like to, but 'cos I love to.
I want to write about life stories that may or may not be bright.
They remind me about the crazy things I did that produced scary sights.
I want to write about war and peace though the latter seems impossible.
I want to write about life and death and remember they are both inevitable.
I want to write about the good and evil we seem to face everyday.
They are usually the result of what people have to say.
I want to write about both all old and very new trends.
They really are the results of our own life's various friends.
I want to write about myself and let the world know me and why.
But I really don't want them to get gushy, breakdown and then cry.
Most of all, I want to write about people, the ones that have been so giving.
I only hope that in turn, I can make their lives worth living.
The real reason why I want to write, that I do not know.
But I hope that when I get to write, the results make me grow.



Anonymous said...

This is an interesting idea.

Ugo said...

I thought so too.