Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What a joke!!! - Boxing - King seeking $2.5 billion in damages

Having grown up in a dictatorship and under a legal system that was crooked at best, I consider the American legal system close to one of the best in the world. Not that it is perfect, great or even good but it is not as tainted by money and connections like many around the world. However my view of this system will greatly diminish if any judge decides to hear this defamation lawsuit. Since when did telling the facts surrounding a person's life cost a media company $2.5 billion? Even tobacco company that have knowingly sold death in a box to individuals for years have never had to shell out that kind of money. The only things that should happen here is Don King get his 15 minutes extra of fame and then go back to doing what he knows best; talking about nothing. That is pretty much what I do here anyway.

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