Friday, January 07, 2005

Here is why I love America

Yahoo! News - Sox First Baseman Won't Give Up Ball

One of the reasons why I love this country is the free market system a.k.a. capitalism. Boston Red Sox backup first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz is holding on to the ball that he caught that ended the 2004 World Series which saw the Red Sox win thier first Championship in 86 years. Now the Red Sox want it back and of course they want it for free. Not so fast Theo, everything has a price and this piece of history has a hefty tag on it. Forget team loyalty folks because this my friends is strictly business and nothing personal.

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SportsProf said...

Check out my post today for my thoughts on this controversy. I've come up with a solution that will give the ball to neither side but will do a lot of good in the process (and, no, it doesn't involve cutting the ball in half).