Monday, January 10, 2005


Hello again folks (not that anyone is jobless enough to read this silly blog or any other blog for that matter), I am lacking anything serious enough to rant about this morning so I am going to post a poem about something that a lot of people go through. Some medical journals eveb consider it a disease. Well, if it is, I may have cured it in myself this weekend through a certain pill called Unisom. Folks, I am talking about Insomnia. To cut the long story short, since I have had this Unisom pill, I have had no problem sleeping. Anyway, here is the pil..., I mean poem.

Hours pass as I lay down
My eyes wide open
The need to sleep now
Not what the mind has chosen

Thoughts and worries
Fill up my crazy head
Visions, memories
As I lay in bed

The battles, the fight
So much commotion
Sadness and fright
And many such emotion

Time continues to float by
Still no sign of sleep
The hours slowly fly
Like an off-road jeep

The morning hits
Oh, its time to awake
Tiredness greets
All for nothing’s sake

In just a few hours
The process repeats itself
Though without any power
I must endure all by myself

The wind shifts
A change of heart
The sea drifts
She chooses another path

Now I rest serene
I can feel the drain
Mind and Soul give in
I can dream again

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