Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Fate, Destiny and Tomorrow

Due to popular demand, I have decided to add more of my writtings to this blog (or "drog", yeah its bad for you). So here is another one.

Fate, Destiny and Tomorrow

Sometimes hope is like a fantasy
And faith a fallacy
What shall I say
Where can I hide today
The sun seems to rise a little too late
And dusk comes at a faster rate
Shall I sail to escape my past
Sleep and pray it forever last

Who am I
Tell me and why
Is this to be my destiny
Is this who I was born to be
Now its just a matter of time
Though without any crime
That I meet my impending fate
And run till I fall at heaven's gate.

PS: Let it be know on this day January 11, 2005 that I have coined the term "drog". It means a blog or a web log that is bad for you or just terrible in general.


andrea said...

Add a melody line and maybe a chorus and this would be a really good song. The meter helps express not just your thoughts, but the mood you were in when writing.

Ugo said...

Thanks. I am gonna need someone to help with the song part. Not much of a Song writer. Oh waiter, I not much of a writer of any kind