Friday, April 01, 2005

Much Ado about Terri Shiavo

I will bend on my prior decision not to comment on this whole issue but it is too crazy to ignore. Everyone is way in over their heads on this issue with the exception of Terri Shiavo's relatives on both sides. Yes, that includes congress, the high and mighty president and his governor brother and to some degree, the courts, protesters on both sides, the media and even me to a certain degree for dwelling on the frenzy. Everyone. I will say that the courts sort of redeemed themselves in the end.

By the last couple of sentences, you can probably tell what my opinion is. That said if you disagree and will be offended, you can stop reading right now.

Still there? Good. Here we go. I beleive that the courts were right when they stayed out of it and allowed the doctors to pull the feeding tube from Terri Shiavo to let her die. I beleive that although there are questionable motives as to why her husband wanted her to pass on, the ultimate decision was right. I beleive that no matter what happened to lead the now deceased woman to the point she was at is irrelevant to the final decision. To some degree I beleive that Michael Shiavo is a mop head but hey, I think that about several other people and it doesn't mean they are wrong. I want to approach this purely from a logical prespective while addressing some of the issues raised by the pro-feeding tube people.

Firstly, I will like to send my condolences to anyone that is related to the deceased. It is a hard thing to lose a family member. I have been there and it is tough. However, I do beleive she was long gone before yesterday. The simple fact is that a majority of the doctors (brain doctors for that matter that people pay millions of dollars just to say hi to) said that they was no hope for her coming out of that state. CT scans showed the same thing and attributed all her motions to reflexes and instincts that can be seen in all animals.

Although I hate to look at life from a dollars and cents prespective but these circumstances are unique given the doctors opinion. Keeping Terri alive on a feeding tube was costing tax payers a lot of money. How? Look at the amount of time and lost productivity that it cost tax payers when congress and the president stepped in. I question their motives. I question all their motives. The funny thing is that is the anti-big government folks that started trying to get into the lifes of ordinary citizens. Does anyone else find that ironic? I mean, come next election, we will hear colorful words like, "Government should stay out of the lives of people and let them make their own decisons" by these same people. I mean it is ridiculous.

Another point I will like to address is the "right to life" debate. Folks, this is an isolated incident. At least it was till it became politics and now we are making this about abortion and bla bla bla. Please lets move on and deal with those issues indenpendently of this one.

Finally to address the issue about playing God. Why should a person be left on a feeding tube while we search for a miracle? I beleive in God and in miracles to the degree that if a miracle was meant to happen, it would have with or without a feeding tube, period.

If Terri Shiavo told her husband or express to him in anyway that she didn't want to be kept alive like this, with all due respect, I think everyone else should respect that. I understand that he could have divorced her and left her to her parents to take care off but not if this was a commitment he made to his wife. The only way my opinion changes is if Michael himself says that he fabricated that whole claim. Until then, we need to all move on and stop crying over spilled milk.

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