Wednesday, April 13, 2005

'Apprentice' Contestant Arrested

Yahoo! News - 'Apprentice' Shelton Contestant Arrested

Didn't think this was a big deal but I will mention this for two reasons. One being that I am a big Apprentice fan (not a Trump fan unless on a business level) and my friends have continued to rub it in about this "head case" Chris. The other reason I mention it is because this gives us the hint that Chris makes it to the last round for those of you that follow the show.

I do believe Chris is a head case, however, he has shown a lot of potential from a business standpoint. He is aggressive but may pose as a loose cannon which will eventually cost him the Apprentice. Overall, he will be a tough business man someday or fail as a result of his inability to sometimes control himself.

The question now remains, who is the person he challenges in the finals. I will put my money on Alex because the Trump likes him.

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