Thursday, June 09, 2011

He has made everything beautiful in its time

Ecc. 3:11 - He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

I was thinking about us being here and how insanely busy our weeks get. Somehow, the weeks go by fast but yet it feels like time is standing still. But then I realize that it is a season in life that we are currently in and to trust the He, God, knows it all. He know the the end from the beginning and He stand outside of time. That's a God in whose hands  I can trust my life. Along the way, we have will continue to run into some remarkable people and hope that God helps us develop some life long relationships through the process.

I also want to say I am thankful for the woman of God Amy is. I don't think there is anyway in the world I would be able to do this without her. I know it can't be easy on her but everywhere I go, I hear how moved people are by her countenance. Glory to God. I also want to thank those from home who stay in constant touch and make sure I never feel too far away. I am glad for technology mucho. It's crazy that Jonathan, Kerri, Joseph and I can stay in touch in a group chat through Whatsapp?! It is wild because it is nice to wake up and read conversations that have been going on and while it makes me think of home even more often, it reminds me that out of sight isn't out of mind.

That all said, occasionally I take random pictures during our drives and also sometimes when we are on the boat. Enjoy the few that are actually worth sharing :).

Aging National Theater...looks like it could use renovating

Another Day, Different Boat

Can't tell it's been a long day, can you?

Boat Load of Stuff being shipped in

A Metal Creature of some sort

Traffic! Poor Suckers

I'm pretty sure that's not how you spell that
Since I am a terrible blogger, please ask me any questions you may and I will try to respond in a future blog post. It may actually help me to process how things are going since I tend to operate more like an emotionless machine. Also if you would like pictures of anything in particular, let me know and I will do my best to capture it (as long as it is prudent).


Lori said...

About the pic of Amy (looking lovely) wearing a life vest: do you provide your own life vests? And the spelling error: perhaps that's a British spelling. :) Thanks for posting the pictures. I love having a mental image (however incomplete) of where the two of you are living. Much love to you both from the Forbis household.

Ugo said...

Lori, have I mentioned yet that I appreciate the fact that you read this blog...well, I do. Look for your answer (nice tease) in the next edition of this blog :). We love you guys too. Please extend our love to Harold and Evan.

Kerri said...

Ugo, I love that you're taking photos and blogging. You could take a photo of the outside of your apartment from the boat. Also, what does your office look like? Take a photo of some of the native foods as well please. Whatsapp is great! Glad we stay connected more instantly that way.
Give Amy a high five for me.

Michelle said...

What is the percentage of accidents on a boat? In other words, how often would one actually need the life vest due to an accident? Enjoying founding out what is happening in your lives through your blogging! Love you both!

Ugo said...

Hi Michelle...I will be sure to include your question and my answer in my next edition of Q&A :)