Monday, May 30, 2011

Democracy Day a.k.a. Another Day Off!

Just when I thought I could use a day off, here comes another! Democracy Day! Brief history on Democracy Day. It is actually scheduled for May 29 but observed May 30 this year because May 29 was a Sunday. It was first observed May 29, 2000 a year to the day after Nigeria reverted back to a Democracy after over 15 years of a dictatorship. Yesterday was inauguration for the newly elected President Goodluck Jonathan. Amy and I watched the swearing in with my Dad. I must say that we missed the memo and should have been wearing green or white yesterday. We showed up to church and 80% of people there were in white and we also sang the National Anthem in recognition of the aforementioned Democracy Day.

The Swearing In
As for our day off...well, we didn't do much to be honest. I got up and worked a bit from home while Amy slept (13 hours last night). When she got up we cleaned the house and went running. Well, she went running and I went on a walk. We were going to go eat at a Tex-Mex restaurant we heard of ( named bottles) but on getting there, we found out they were only open from Wednesday to Friday. So that was a bummer. We settled on yet another different Chinese restaurant called Jade Palace. 

For a night cap, Amy is watching Baby Mama while we have ice cream. I guess that's it for days off for a while because I have no idea when we are getting another one. Oh wait, what do you know...June 12 is another one. I'm loving it!


Amy said...

I miss you so much. I forgot that you had a blog. It was so good to catch up on what you guy's have been doing. I am going to try to start writing on my blog again, especially since I am going to be in Michigan for most of June. Love you guy's! Oh and tell Amy I started back at the Y and my knee is doing well :)

Ugo said...

Amy! Good to hear from you. Please at least, tell me you will be in town where are there in July. I told Amy you are back at it at the Y and she's excited for you!

Amy said...

If all goes according to plan I should be back right at the begining of July. And if I wasn't I wuld change my plans to make sure I got back in time:) I am off to Omaha tomorrow. Patti, Kerri anad I are traveling together. I am so excited to see what God will do in the midst of us. Can't wait to see you in July!

Kerri said...

Omaha was pretty stinking awesome. Ugo, ask Amy what workout routine/exercise I need to do to get rid of my "love handles" please.