Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where's Noah's Ark?

Last Thursday, I wrote about the things I can't get used to and I specifically mentioned traffic especially when it rains! Well, I think I spoke to soon because it rained all night and we woke about to a city pretty much under water. It took us only an hour to get to work but that was because there were not too many cars mobile. I think many people were either stuck trying to get out of their home and the sedans that did didn't make it far. We saw one too many cars stranded and as we wadded through the soupy roads, Amy at one point was downright scared that water was going to begin seeping into the car.

Inside Someone's Compound

Victoria Island
The pictures you see are not fake and are only a blimp on the radar as far as the experiences of others. Anyway, that's all I have. I wish I had better pictures but you sort of get the picture. I could leave the window down long enough to get more because of the rain and my paranoia that I'd drop the camera into the ocean.


Kerri said...


Oh, I have another question: how dangerous is it there? Details please.

ChristiB819 said...

I love reading your blog! You do a great job! Keep them coming. I agree with Kerri - Yucko! I would have been afraid the water would start seeping in the car too. I have a question. On a day like in those pics I would think you'd take the boat to work. Why did you drive instead?

raposterick said...

I was kinda wondering the same thing as Christi. It seems a boat would be a better option, no?
Love the updates!