Monday, June 09, 2008

Lifestyle of the...CPA Candidate

Many of you do not know this but I am currently a candidate for the CPA exam and I hope to be done though all the sections this fall. Now, I am sure there are a few people that think, "Oh, Congrats" or some sort of position emotion towards that news and to them I say, are you nuts? Now for the normal people out there who understand the ramifications of the phrase, CPA Candidate, you may have an inclining towards what I am going through. No sympathies please...

I must apologize to my friends though for how often they see me i.e. a few minutes every week. I also want to warn you that it will pretty much be like this till November. I am only writing this on here because my parents do not have access to read my blog. I am somewhat trying to surprise them. They have been on me about it since I graduated and about once every other week, I get a call trying to persuade me to take the exam to which I respond, some day in the distant future, I will.

My study schedule is like this (if you are ever tempted to do this)- 2 hours every day from Monday to Thursday (likely to increase) and 6 hours on Saturday and an additional 3 - 4 on Sunday. Now, I can understand this as a schedule if you watching grass grow or paint dry...but studying accounting?

I think this should be the punishment for terrorists whether or not they can read. I mean, you make them study and sit for the CPA exam and I guarantee you, they will renounce extremism. Just tell them, hey, pass this and you are home free and they will be there for a long time. If they on their 20th try pass, yeah, I don't see them strapping C4 to themselves ever again.

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