Thursday, June 05, 2008

Congratulations Senator Obama…Americans, Be Proud

*Warning, if you are overtly and insanely partisan and a Republican, stop reading right here to avoid being annoyed and ruining our relationship.

I would like for first congratulate Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton for a hard fought campaign. I think it was good for the Democratic Party and the nation in general that a woman and an African American man were vying for a major party’s nomination for President. More importantly I want to congratulate Senator Barack Obama for winning that battle. Tuesday, the 3rd of June 2008 was a truly remarkable day in the history of the United States. I don’t care who you voted for, who you support now or who you will vote for in the upcoming election but the mere fact that there is a black man representing a major party should make all Americans feel proud for taking one more step to at the very least diminish the effects of this nation’s ugly history with regards to race. I think it sends a message not just to the generations to come but to the rest of the world that equality with regards to race and gender is a true goal of the citizens of the United States in general.

Many of you dislike Obama for policy reasons and other issues that may or may not be legitimate. Regardless of that, I think most people will agree that this event is historical in a very good way. I think it raises the stakes for African Americans who are growing up in terrible situations. It lets them know that they can individually beat the odds and that the future isn’t set in stone. It should also be an encouragement to children of single moms as well as single moms themselves.

Now, I know a lot of people will credit so many other things for the success of the junior Senator from Illinois. Some may credit the timing of his campaign, a nation thirst for some level of change from the current path that the country is on. Some may highlight the polarity of Hillary Clinton’s nature. Some may even credit the proportional rules by the Democratic Party in the allocation of delegates. Regardless of the validity of all these opinions, one thing is for certain, when it comes to running for the highest office, you need more than luck or chance. You need to be well prepared and determined. The saying “Chance favors the well prepared” couldn’t be truer in this case.

Again, Congrats Senator Barack Obama…Senator John McCain, it is game time.

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